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  • Phan Hồng Nhựt

    dont know why i cant install even though my phone has fully fill the requirement

  • Fadhil Arib
    197.53 hrs on record

    whyyy can't update???!! 24/3/2020

  • Stanley 'Dante'

    Good game and quite a battery drainer

  • James Huynh
    45.17 hrs on record

    this is a best anime game

  • Redgate Territo

    somebody help me pls, i can get into the game , its force close when connecting to server

  • Shadow

    Iv been paying honkia impact 3rd for a year competitively and still ant in top 2℅ so it s nice to just play a game for fun and enjoy the story and the looks of game play .and I don't feel let down when doing pulls cause i ant spending hundreds of bucks on it for nothing or dup's . so thank you devs for a good game that is pretty well balanced and follows the anime .Thank you

  • Nguyễn Anh Khoa
    12.70 hrs on record

    I usually skip the story in some similar card games, but this game makes it very smoothly, I really enjoy the story although I haven't touched the manga or anime serie.

    The graphic is stunning, this games has AR record which is a very entertaining feature.

    And the last thing is gameplay. It just has more than I expected, currently I'm enjoying the game.

    • Pepe D

      you should watch this anime but this season animation ugly and yea story must be done😂! other season actually have good animation. trust me, worth ur time

  • AS

    I don't know now why the ppl are so hype about this game. Maybe about the cartoon series.

    Story 3/5 - nothing special. It's okay, but if its normal for you one pink pig to speak whole time, it's fine.

    Gameplay 3/5 - too much rounding rounding in the towns and also, fights are very similar... Sometimes you need to beat 3 times the same unit in the same story mode.

    *For example: Blue King (3 fights against him in same story). Really boring... So, 3 times he is speaking and you need to do 3 same fights against him alone.

    PvP 3/5. If you didn't reroll for Green Meliotas at the beginning, uninstall the game and start to reroll.

    The meta is implemented from early beginning.

    There is no counter unit against Green Meliotas. At the moment he is no.1.

    *If you have Green Meliotas + Blue King you will be fine in PvP. When you finish the story mode, you must play everyday PvP (with same meta units) and you must continue to farm and rounding rounding in the towns...same same whole day.

    Units 3/5 - Same units in different "colors" will be in your roster. Top of that, you must use only 3-4 units, which are in existing meta and for the other units you don't need to upgrade them, because actually you don't need them.

    *There is no any map/story mode which requires some other (specific units or their skills) units to be upgraded. Only with Green Meliotas you will finish the story mode.

    Honestly, the game is maximum 3,5 out of 5.

    • Дмитрий Захаров

      Arena meta is changing every week. Green Melio is useful only in story mode and you can paas without him easy. I think u didnt play in this game.

    • Kevin Lopez


    • AS

      Green Meliotas, who can take 120k DMG will not be meta next week. Lol ok...

      This is global server. New, and all units are not available.

      Green Meliotas definitely is very good in PvP now and he is meta with Blue King.

    • 魔木faviky

      i am japen sever green meliotas just useful in few week for me blue meliotas is best unit

    • Pepe D

      anime series not good at all. but manga good af

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  • Arie Wibowo

    why I can't update new version ???

  • Kami

    What are the stats for this game because I can't download it?.

    • ミヤコ

      what stat? pfft your English can't understand

    • Valentine

      No need to be rude. It makes perfect sense to a native speaker.

      Stats refers to the quantifiable "statistics" or, in simple terms, the amount of RAM, storage space, Android version, etc.

    • Valentine

      Google Play lists it as 112M (but there is in additional 1851.8MB in downloads once you begin). You need Android 4.4 or higher and 3GB or more in RAM. Usually, not being able to download is caused by not meeting the minimum Android version.

    • Kami

      Thank you very much.

    • ミヤコ

      I don't mean to be rude, I just trying to translate it to Google. Google can't indentify 🙏

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  • User662317

    Not compitabel in Play Store ;(

    But Not in TapTap,,, Love you TapTap ;*

    9.33 hrs on record

    This game is very fun, combat mechanics are not boring and also offers a level of depth that very few other games offer.

  • Maruf
    313.03 hrs on record

    Best mobile game ever. everything is brilliant.. awesome job.

  • User475400


  • CryWorker

    game opens at 6 PM. Yeet

  • Valentine

    I have played the Korean version since it released. The characters and story are ported directly from the show (available on Netflix) and live up to their inspiration.

    The graphics are top notch. The drop rates are decent and there are plenty of ways to obtain good characters without investing hundreds. The costumes were almost $40 each, which is utterly ridiculous. This leaves you with a team that is good enough to progress, but probably isn't wearing the coolest outfits. Most rational people can handle that.

    The quests get a bit redundant, but auto mode is handled well. You will have to complete many of the story quests manually the first time, but can repeat them with auto battle. It is refreshing to see there is at least some actual investment required. The AR mode is neat, but can feel like a waste of battery after the novelty wears off (read: after you try it once).

    Overall, it is a game worthy of being attached to a popular title.

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  • Chrollo

    I cant wait to play this game.

  • Midget V.1.08
    25.43 hrs on record

    there so many problem for this game, like audio missing and crash suddenly.please fix it

    • Gedy Novry

      Android: settings>accessibility>audio & on-screen text> mono audio on..

      The point is change your audio setting to mono.. it works for me.

    • Midget V.1.08

      The audio now work but still got crash when i play.

      When I play Jap version , there no crash and game run well.

  • Dante

    can anyone tell me

    is it open world game or story based..

    • Ivan Meloni

      it is mainly a turn-based rpg game (to make it short, similar to dragon ball legend). No, it's not an openworld, but it still has various cities (based on the story) where it is and free to wander around: search or buy materials, accept sub / main quests.

    • Dante

      aahhh thanks

  • 怪玩客

    開局 首刷 新手攻略可以看著唷



    有想法不同的人 不要吉我呀~




    再搭配幾個SR 等等


    首抽 最主要會推薦 金 團長 高瑟





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