Calibria: Crystal Guardians
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Collect heroes, pick your strategy, and join battle in this all new 3D RPG!

Enter the world of Calibria where the fight to control the sacred Calibria Crystal has just begun. The guardians of the crystal, an ancient clan of summoners, were powerless to fend off the enemies that had laid siege to their home. Under Gentry's protection, you, the last descendent of the clan, boarded the Ark and set sail with the Calibria Crystal.

You are charged with protecting the Calibria Crystal. Track down the demons that laid waste to your home, defeat their leader, and bring peace back to Calibria once more!

Download now and embark on your new adventure! Assemble and lead the greatest heroes in Calibria to save the world once and for all!


[Collect 200+ Incredible Heroes]
Collect over 200 heroes from 5 different factions, each with their own unique skills. Enjoy epic battles with hundreds of legendary heroes! Assemble the ultimate squad to fight against the powers of darkness!

[Evolve the Skills of your Favorite Heroes!]
Which of your heroes’ skills will you upgrade? It’s up to you! Each hero has their own skill tree. Skills may be unlocked by learning them in battle or by evolving your heroes. Equip magical runes to further increase your heroes’ stats and power. Pair your heroes together and unlock incredible combos!

[Claim Victory with the Best Strategy]
Heroes hail from 5 factions: Lawful, Chaotic, Evil, Light, and Dark. Choose your heroes and select the right runes to strategically assemble your squad. Endless hero combos and counters await your discovery. Your squad will need to be flexible enough to challenge quests in the Spire, Main Stages, the Arena, and the Catacombs, each loaded of their own incredible rewards!

[Manual or Auto Battle? It’s Up to You!]
Tired of tapping? Feel free to choose between Manual and Auto Battle! Play at your own pace and effortlessly earn!

[Fight with or against Players Worldwide!]
Send your heroes to help your friends earn their own victories. Unite and fight with other players together in guilds to climb the leaderboards and achieve ultimate glory!

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- New server supported.
- Bugs fixed.
- Gaming experience optimized.

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Latest Version :7.0 Android:6.9
  • gtrtech
    9 mins on record

    why always unstable connection ? only this game like that ... another game noproblem connection 🤔

  • JUN

    cuz I am old summoners war player I'm loving it, it's basicly a clone with a few small differences, but it still seems like it has alot of effort put into it, feels like a summoners war fresh start server which is my dream lol, and it, most because summoners war early days was the best gacha I ever played and this game has litteraly ZERO info about all the units and stuff so it's really fun learning all the units and making your own teams, not just looking at a tier list like every release now days saying reroll for this this and this and do this.

  • Ρяιи¢єѕѕ ∂σℓℓу

    Decent gameplay, but heavily cash grab. There is no new user 7 day special login, just the monthly login and rewards in it plainly suck (even the 28th day reward gives you only 1 3~5★ draw ticket. Poor gacha drop rates. This is why turn based rpg that look like summoner's war or similar stylish graphics design are better off avoided. They only want your money. Try the rpg ones made by Gamevil, and see the huge difference. Tons of freebies for you and your hard works always pay off. (Elune, Heir of Light, Soul Ark etc.)

  • RZY

    i hope , this the way

  • Kenshin Zi

    make this game high frame rate and high fps thnx


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