Call on Duty Mobile : Modern combat gun games 2020

Call on Duty Mobile : Modern combat gun games 2020

New Gun shooter Fps : free shooting games 2020

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Join us in action packed free offline shooting game New Gun shooter Fps, where you have multi mission to make this world war less. Some terrorist want to destroy the world and now they are going to attack at your city . your special forces especially trained for such modern combat duty . now you have to make counter attack to fail there mission . you must have to corporate with US Army special forces. They already resist against terrorist groups but due to futuristic weapon and terrorist sniper duty squad they cannot beat alone them . you must have to lead this army warfare and should adopt some solid strategy to make critical strike against terrorist in battle field through modern duty equipment. There would be sniper missions, in which you have to shoot the enemies like sniper assassin done in world war 2 games. you must have to prepare yourself for surgical strike in response what the terrorist done already with US Army. In this modern battlefields you will enjoy the best free fps shooter game.
If you really like modern combat duty mobile gun games then it would be going to your one of favorite gun game. Lead resistance and command gun forces and become real battle royal solider.In this call of mobile war duty you only have two options live or death. now this time you have to show your fury against terrorist and give them lesson through modern warfare duty weapons .

Get ready to enjoy best free games with multi battle modes where you got settings like in shooting games anytime. Grab your shot gun from inventory and experience the thrill of duty in sniper games as you answer to the call of US Army games
New Gun shooter Fps : free shooting games Features :
Play at different environment
Smooth control with good graphics
Enjoy PVP mode , survival mode and mission base modes

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Update Time: Feb Sat, 2020
  • Developer: Tab For Action
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Latest Version :3.1 Android:4.0

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