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The first Esport MOBA from Indonesia to your mobile!

Lokapala: Saga of the Six Realms is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game. Developed by Anantarupa Studios, a game developer studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, this is the first Esport MOBA from Indonesia that is inspired by Indonesia mythology, history, and culture.

The game takes place in the end of the world, when the realms of the thirst, the molded, and the formless are merged into one. The realms are going under the oblivion, waiting for the fate no one can form or escape. The higher dominions of power are now awaken, but only one of them will be able to determine the fate of the realms in this endless fight of powers.


1. Classic 5v5 Battles on MOBA Map.
Experience a 5v5 battle in a classic MOBA map with a distinctive features on it. Demolish enemy's towers to destroy enemy's base, conquer your jungle area and even your enemy's, go along the river and get your buff, and level your Ksatriya up and slay away enemies with no fuss.

2. Play with friends, and get yourself ready for Esport tournaments
Team up with your friends and prepare your team to be an Esport ready players that fit to tackle upcoming Esport events!

3. Team work and skill based battles
In MOBA, mastering your skill is very important to win the game. But that's not the only factor to victory. We believe that with a good understanding of your role and by supporting your allies with a good team work, you can reach the victory. We have created systems and features that will enable you to focus more on skills and good team work.

4. No more lenghty game!
MOBA can be so much fun to play but also so long to finish, especially when the battle is so heated up you just cannot give up! But in LOKAPALA we imply a system that will make the game last quicker and more efficient.

5. Playable Characters with exciting gameplay and stories.
We are trully inspired by Indonesia mythology stories, legends, and history. Hence, all the playable characters, Ksatriya, have a compelling and engaging gameplay that are heavily based on their own lore.

Like and follow us on our social media for more informations:
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Lokapala_Moba/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lokapala.Anantarupa/
Official Website: http://lokapala.anantarupa.com/

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= Update =
Update Rajapatni skin
= Bug Fix =
Fix Stuck Matchmaking

Detailed info

  • File Size: 54.10MB
  • Current Version: 0.9.4617
  • Update Time: Mar Thu, 2020
  • Developer: Anantarupa Studios
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Latest Version :3.8 Android:4.4
  • iimitan
    14 mins played

    Because after I read almost all the reviews are nothing, so I tried installing this game.


    What makes it bad?

    - The graphics are still rigid.

    - The effects of each character are less than perfectly shown.

    - The connection is unstable (even though I'm in the same region as this game).

    - There is no a surrender button? I tried this during a match with the bot, so when this happened I had to close the game and then open it again.

    - Lack of advertisement, this causes the game less player.

    - In some interfaces use JPG format images so that some images look broken if they use them from zoom-in.


    And what makes it good?

    - The 3D texture used has its own style, different from the others.

    - The UI interface is friendly and unique.

    - The sound that is used also matches the game style.


    Yes, that's all. Still, I'm sure this game could potentially be better if the developer try hard and wants to listen to player complaints about the game.

    Oh yeah, I appreciate anyone who has drawn art for Lokapala, that's really good art! Masterpiece!.

    • 森林的王者

      I tried it too. But I'll better to play Marvel or Arena of valor...

      The network was poor that can using the skill perfectly.

      Some of the UI and functions looks not finished.....

      I think I should give this new team a chance when the dev team make it better too.

    • Neguma

      Tapi langkah awal yang bagus untuk developer

  • RoTN







    - 要弄遊戲外增強要素(銘文),很農

    - 要選閃現、打野錘等裝備的話,會無法使用回城,因為回城也是裝備

    - 射手目前只有一隻

    - 設定自動加點會亂加,不如自己選

    - 輔助角色都超級貴

    - 沒有教學

    - 沒有測試場試用角色

    - 沒有投降

    - 只有一個模式

    • 森林的王者



  • Phong Hoang

    không mong mỏi gì hơn đc ở tựa game mới ra, cho lag tướng chạy rất buồn cười và mình không biết nút biến về ở đâu 😂 game không có bùa nhưng còn 2 con boss.Boss nhỏ thì là con nhện ăn xong giúp biến thành con nhện có được 2 chiêu của nó còn chiêu thứ ba là biến về như cũ. Thế thôi :v

  • oAoDemiGod
    14 mins played

    I love moba games but this one is full of bugs. takes a really long time to find a match. when you first load them game it tells u it failed then let's u on the game. please developers fix this game i wanna stream it and show my Followers what a great game this is!!

    • JUN

      I played that game too, but I was disappointed because there were too many bugs than I thought. I think I should wait a bit longer until the bug is fixed.

  • Snowball

    What makes this one special (in a good way) than the other MOBA game? So far i found none. There's a lot better similar game out there. Please try to be more creative & innovative, or we just wasting each other time.

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