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  • SoraSynnGaming
    20.77 hrs on record


    ◆ Visually quite pretty in Unreal 4

    ◆ Story is the same as PC

    ◆ Combat is bright and flashy

    ◆ Auto Play? (Pro & Con... Some people like Auto)

    ◆ Seems generous with giving items

    ◆ Fast to level

    ◆ Dungeons can be challenging.

    ◆ Has more story cinematics than PC


    ◇ NO GON FEMALE (Gon has 2 gender in PC)

    ◇ Missing a LOT of the base classes available on PC launch. No Summoner/Assassin/Blade Dancer

    ◇ Even with unreal engine 4 it still looks old? Probably due to it originally being on unreal 3

    ◇ Auto Play (Some people DON'T like auto play)

    ◇ Way to gain outfits is a pain in the a** compared to PC (You earn a lot from quest rewards on PC. On mobile it's majority to be crafted Even zone bosses dropped perma outfits on PC, not the case on mobile)

    ◇ Community from Day 1 has been toxic. My block list has many names.I hope block list has no limit. 😂

    ◇ No screenshot/hide UI option (If you're a screenshot person like me, this will bug you)

    ◇ No more JIGGLE PHYSICS. They removed the Jelly bobs physics that's present in the PC version 😂


    Overall the games fun. I'm enjoying it but a lot of the things that are missing are annoying me. If you never played the PC version you won't know most of my comparisons and will probably enjoy it a lot more than me. But if you played the pc version expect to be disappointed in the lack of things I've mentioned. But if you don't care about the cons I've mentioned... you'll probably enjoy what's currently available.


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  • Prisms
    1.15 hrs on record

    already been days I still can't download without failing and the download progress resets when it fails.

  • Eugene C.

    Great game beautiful story and graphics.

    it give you option to speak back with what you could say like skyrim.

    but the character and everything there is too much bloom. please remove the bloom. it makes characters look *** like glowing potatoes

  • Spoke

    looks like pc version. not bad, but not awesome.

  • IcyTeaLemon

    Guys, please note that this is SEA only (confirmed by Netmarbles) so don't expect any eu/na servers.

    TapTap please change the title from global to SEA so people don't get confused.

    Edit: If you are from Eu or Na, this is surprisingly non laggy at all. You can safely download and enjoy.

    • NAPO :3


    • vallier

      *high ping alert*

    • 手机用户574986

      nice info

    • iMauroz Gamepla

      it is true, this is SEA not global.. We are going to experience some high ping but it is not really bad at all.

    • IcyTeaLemon

      yes if you live afar from asia region, you will experience high ms. Don't expect smooth gameplay. We will see how bad ms gonna be tomorrow though.

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  • VulgarisUSA
    32.40 hrs on record

    please go read my FULL and MODIFIED review in the Popular Reviews section. game is friggen BOMB.ORG!!!! ;) Notice the extra star lol

  • Mark Ching

    why doea paraing error but the latest version of bns in korea which i can play and i cant download this one

  • Thu Raa

    I am so excited to play this game

  • redline930918

    fun game to play, great story line

  • Zadewa.Parmin
    8.73 hrs on record

    for pvp player 3/10

    Gameplay : 3/10

    skill has a long cd for pvp..

    the animation is quite annoying.. and so stiff

    graphic : 4/10

    good atm but this is 2020 man..

    for pve player 6/10

    gameplay : 7/10

    dodge is super bad.. short range but he boss has a huge range.. CD toooo ***in long..

    graphic : same as above

    note : pay2win and pvp not fun at all... u know all mmorpg are p2w but this game is superduperpay2win

    "1 Hit Kill IS REAL"

    • Sephersen

      You playing the wrong game? Tell me one mobile mmorpg that can beat this game right now.

    • Fikri Kim

      Dragon Raja

    • Sephersen

      That game is trash everyone knows that

    • Amin Haikal


    • Sephersen

      BDM have no content, all you do is farm. Dungeons? Oh you have higher cp you can clear that easily. Only have to dodge in it nothing else. Pvp? Oh you spend money a lot nobody's gonna beat you. Its a boring game.

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  • Ruizaki Ray

    need optimization and smooth gameplay. sloppy gameplay and network unstable. control is poorly made and skill feels a bit off.

  • Tomasz Kała

    Game is Out

    DOWNLOAD possibile

  • John Lorence De

    when im downloading the files theirs always security alert the will pop up after 1min and it will exit the game and i will download the files again from the start and i repeat everytime i getting frustrated

    • zc17zc

      l am sorry to hear that, may your phone configuration is incompatible with this game.

  • kthu nguyen

    Personal review.

    Graphic: 7/10 This is up to your taste. Neat presentation.

    Story 4?/10 I think not many people care but yeah.

    Gameplay: 9/10 Very nice. Combat is great, PVP and PVE are all fun. I just have a problem with how the cam works in this game. It's a bit hard and stiff everytime I change my cam angle.

    *Other things:

    - MMORPG is p2w so no need to ask. You can of course, play casual.

    ****This version is actually worse than the old BnS :))))) Character customization is underwhelming though the graphic and gameplay doesn't change that much. Just haven't seen the "Revolution" part in this game.

    To conclude, 3 stars. A- tier. I don't like BnS Revolution enough to keep it installed. But I think this will satisfy the majority.

  • Paulo Sakata

    what country this global server

  • SteinerRdx
    33.25 hrs on record

    pretty decent graphics and smooth gameplay had some problem login to the server but they fixed it...

  • liberman

    can't install it, I'm using nox and in Indonesia. Dunno why...

  • A Mật
    33.27 hrs on record

    great game

  • ScionStormTV

    The game runs pretty good and menu speed is great. Remember this is a mobile game so you will get auto play. The story is intacted and so is the combat. So it will be fun to go through everything again. The game also seems to give a lot for free.

  • Toan NGUYEN

    I've been playing the Korean server

    way better than this, supremely ping

    I wonder how global will give out the rewards, items and everything else for all the players

    oh well, at least English language as everyone has been waiting for


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