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Men should strengthen themselves, brothers together! The international Chinese kung fu superstar "Lee Jet" has a domineering endorsement "Miracle MU: Trans-Era", inviting warriors from all walks of life to the Warrior Continent to save the MU world in water and fire! Sign in every day, courtesy every day, the gems get soft, and the soldiers use it constantly. Every 28 days after signing, there will be mysterious big surprises, different from month to month, and look forward to unlimited!

[Full upgrade game screen]
Super exquisite 4D graphics and modeling to create the strongest MU quality in history, bringing gorgeous gaming senses and visual enjoyment! Breaking through the upper limit of mobile game quality in an all-round way, let you relive the classics in full of Ambilight!

[Breakthrough Occupation Gender Lock]
Following the three classic occupations of swordsman, magician and archer, new mysterious female characters have been added, and the single-gender occupation system has been changed. The new characters will bring you a new game experience!

[Transfer Kits for Value Preservation]
Transfer job sets are no longer locked, and the set attributes can be stacked to maintain value. Two-turn shoes, three-turn armor, and four-turn weapons can now appear on your body simultaneously! Thousands of suits have a cool appearance, how you like to take them, and your fashion is created by yourself!

[Large battlefield with 10,000 people on the same screen]
Really break through the restrictions of the zone service, realize that all zone service players can play Boss on the same stage, and give the players a blast of battle! Boss snatches more freedom, and the rules of belonging are no longer single! Be careful! Someone wants to grab your boss!

[Buddha Points Exchange System]
Points on-hook, points on Daguai, points every day! Use points to redeem all your gear! Cool wings, powerful skills, rare materials ... exclusive points mall is waiting for you to change, can be full of combat power without any money!

[Brothers in the League of Alliance]
The new battle alliance system, fighting with allies is more efficient, refreshing monsters, falling full screen, doubling the experience and rewards, and having a unique copy of the alliance alliance. Quickly call your former comrades and join them to dominate the brave in the new miracle. mainland!

* There is a camera function in the game, you can save your favorite photos to the album, so you need to open the read / write external storage permissions of the app in the settings.
* This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary 12 levels.
* This game contains plots of mild violence, inappropriate language, sex (characters wear clothing that highlights chest and hips), and slight horror pictures.
* This game is free to use, and additional paid services such as virtual game coins and items are provided in the game.
* Playing games for a long time can easily affect the normal work and rest. It is advisable to rest and exercise appropriately.

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- 夏日狂歡活動——坐騎珍寶拿不停
- 更新護盾系統——更強防禦更高戰力

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  • Developer: G妹遊戲
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