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"Evil Hunter Tycoon" is now official released!

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  • Android 4.1 and above


"Dark Lord has brought destruction to the world, and
destroyed everything...
Survivors' desperate survival game begins now!"

▶Mission 1: Rebuild the destroyed town
▶Mission 2: Raise strong Hunters to fight Monsters!

■ Become a Town Chief!!
Handle everything starting from Town construction to
craft, sale, and training Hunters !

Tip. Build facilites where Hunters can stay and use:
[Infirmary], [Restaurant], [Tavern], [Inn], [Blacksmith],
[Weapon Shop] etc.

■ Gather Top Tank Hunters, and protect the town!
Hunters who visit town have 4 different Classes.
Their Class and Tier are random!
You can invite Top Tier Hunters with items too!

Tip. Hunter's characteristics are also random! Make
sure you check your Hunter's characteristic!

■Strong Hunters grow Town strong.
Use facilities of town to raise Hunters!!
-[Bounty Hut] Give Hunters quest to hunt monsters!
Extra Exp AND items~!
-[Academy] Town Chief's Academy opened!
Teach Hunters skill and secret technique!

■[Enhancement Forge]
-Forge and modify Hunter's equipment!!

■[Training Ground]
-Level up Hunters quickly by training!
Become stronger by reincarnation~!

■[Sanctuary of Resurrection]
- Grow infinitely by endless reincarnation!!
Learn special traits to make your
Hunters more special~!!

■ Various contents outside of Town! Go Hunters!
-[Dungeon] Travel dungeons for rare materials and
-Blow a horn!! Summon [Field Boss] and defeat it!
-[Pvp] Battle other town's Hunters! Become the
last one standing!!

Fate of humanity is in your hands!!

[App Permissions]
Storage: Screen shot&Share Town(Optional)

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  • File Size : 77.98MB
  • Current Version : 1.115
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Super Planet
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Android:8.3 Past 7 days : 8.0
  • Haruuuu~

    Super Charming, neonostalgia in a modern shell. Well designed, well-executed, and we'll tested, it considered the player experience above any In-your-face/down-your-throat monetization, and the Ads it does have are elective and presented by a cute little goblin that kinda wanna help out anyway. Grinding is actually engaging for the most part, with the player tasked with cleaning up the leftovers from NPC'S - tapping the tiny tokens is strangely satisfying.

  • User3529185

    Please help, all my hunter stuck inside forever in the training ground even I use Gem. Fix this ASAP, I can't even ply the game now

  • tama
    11 mins on record

    haha so this is like build and managing small town game but with monster & rpg elements.

    the npc act as hunter and the player is the town chief, all players need to do is making building & making lot stuff for the hunter.. so they can grow stronger or provide what they need.

    sadly this is not my type of game so i didnt unlock more features inside. still i find this one is kinda unique (well i rarely play something like this, well great experience tho).

  • Hải Nguyễn
    2.37 hrs on record

    Game quá oke để giải trí cũng có thể từ đơn giản đến sau sẽ phức tạp.(thêm Tiếng Việt thì ổn rồi)

    Các cấu trúc thợ săn cũng hay công trình nâng cấp lâu dài.(không phải tự nhiên ai cũng đánh giá cao)

    Game indie nên hay xem quảng cáo ủng hộ nhưng có vấn đề về sau là bạn có quyết định ngưng chơi hay không

    Là khi xài hết số tiền được tặng bạn sẽ lâm vào túng quẩn khi xài nhiều hơn thu..và muốn thoải mái hơn bạn phải nạp.(nạp cho người làm game sống chớ)

    Và khi nhận ra quá ngốn thời gian về vấn đề quản lý lẫn luôn online để cày thi tui bỏ..

    (quản tiền hay thì đừng bảo tui ngu nha ,tui cũng muốn giải trí nhẹ nhàng thôi).

    Hãy tải và trải nghiệm như 1 chủ thị trấn và quản lí các thợ săn..🤗

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  • 手机用户1283380

    there is an new update. plz up it fast


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