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"KOONGYA Draw Party" is officially launched

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Entertain your brain,
New drawing quiz game “Koongya Draw Party” coming soon!

●● First! “Drawing Quiz”
Solve a hilarious and Punny Drawing Quiz!
Get excited! Have fun! Solve drawing quizzes and
claim rewards found throughout the stages.

●● Second! “Adventure Quiz”
Place the drawing quizzes wherever you are! Discover more quizzes throughout your world and solve quizzes made by friends!

●●Third! “Real-time Quiz”
It only takes a minute to play!
Have a Draw Party with up to 8 people! Play and win abundant rewards! Draw your way to victory!"

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"全新概念的畫圖猜題遊戲「KOONGYA Draw Party」上市!

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  • FinalHamu


    1.《KOONGYA Draw Party》(國際服)於3月26日正式推出,可以使用Twitter、FB、GooglePlay、遊客帳號登入。





  • Ryu Saga
    4.88 hrs on record

    It's a good game, recommended for those who loves Creative-drawing for spending time.. It still new afterall, Which means.. the Drawing Party mode cost more patience to wait.

  • Trần Phúc Thịnh

    it's a great game for quarantine

  • iimitan
    8.67 hrs on record

    Somebody help me! I can't stop making draw quizzes on this game! 😆

    For the first, I'll say that this game is highly recommended for anyone who really likes drawing or quiz games with a relax feel.

    It is unexpected that this game will provide interesting features.

    First, we can guess the quiz that has been provided on stage by the game itself. Second, we can guess every picture made by the player around the area where we live (Yes, this requires GPS). Third, we can make room to play with other players to guess the picture together. And last but not least, we can create our own drawing quiz for all Koongya players! Thats what I like hahaha.

    For language problems, Koongya already provides several languages ​​such as English, Indo, Filipino, etc. But if we change the language, we will also change the game server.

    1 server 1 account.

    If you want to try to guess the pictures I made, I'm on the Indonesia server with IGN Veyrith. (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  • Samantha234
    29 mins on record

    The Gameplay itself is good, I didn't get any bug and that's great, A General Game for me to play, and I Love It Hehe. A great game to play when bored :)

    • 森林的王者

      It wiill be better to play with Friends on it. Draw something and Guess what it is. This game makes me and my friends have a geat time and Laugh on it.



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