Project RIP Mobile - Free Horror Survival Shooter

Project RIP Mobile - Free Horror Survival Shooter

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Editor notes

"Project RIP Mobile" is official released
Requires 1gb free space

⚠️ Device Compatibility
● Android 8.0 or later
● 3+ GB of Ram
● GPU : Adreno 650/640/630/620/618/616/615/612/610/540/530/512/510/509
● GPU : Mali G77/G76/G52/G51/G72/G71/T880

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Play store support required
  • Android 8.0 and above


Life as we know doesn’t exist, hordes of undead and demons have emerged and now rule the earth. The human race was forced to live in underground shelters in order to survive. To take what used to be theirs, humanity gathered forces and established small specialised teams to eliminate the threat. This action was called Project Rest in Pieces, aka R.I.P .

Killing the undying would not be enough, instead humanity developed an extremely advanced AI technology to manipulate specialized forces, now called “Agents”, in order to command from headquarters.

Using this advanced technology, AI called by project’s name “R.I.P.”, managed to capture the leftover souls of the undead to perform improvements on Agents gear, weaponry, but also on their strength and abilities.

Now it’s up to you, to save what remains...

⚔️Main Features⚔️

▶ Realistic FPS Movement and Weapon Mechanics
▶ Blood & Gore Dismemberments
▶ Multiplatform Global Scoreboards to compete with other Players
▶ 20 Weapons to choose from and upgrade their stats and skins
▶ Melee combat from knife to Katana
▶ 6 Specialized Perks to use in combat
▶ 8 Agents to choose, with leveling system
▶ 34 Avatars for prestige
▶ 70 Achievements with rewards
▶ PickUp items to boost your efficiency
▶ 3 Mission type Levels + 3 Arenas for unlimited Horde play
▶ 5 Difficulty levels
▶ AAA Quality Graphics
▶ Outstanding Sound effects and Music

✞ Make humanity’s last stand. ✞

⚠️ Device Compatibility ⚠️

● Android 8.0 or later
● 3+ GB of Ram
● GPU : Adreno 650/640/630/620/618/616/615/612/610/540/530/512/510/509
● GPU : Mali G77/G76/G52/G51/G72/G71/T880

📌 new high-end GPUs coming from 2020 and later are also being supported.


● Game Lags/Fps Drops
" On certain devices rendering 3d can be a bottleneck, Project RIP relies heavily on GPU rather on CPU count or RAM. Running on latest high-end Android Devices is suggested.

● Game Freezes / Crashes
" Over 1000 Android devices are supported at the moment, most of those issues are monitored and will be resolved"

📌 Expect gradually on next updates to see a serious Performance Improvement.

Be Patient and Stay Tuned!


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email at :
or contact us via Facebook Page.

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What's new

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- Added Static/Movable Virtual Controller support
adjust it from :[MainMenu/Options/Customization/Customize Layout]
- Improved Shadowing clarity on Level 1 [Dead Awaken]
- Improved Performance by 20%-30% on Level 1 [Dead Awaken]
- Improved Performance by 10%-20% on Level 3 [Demons Lair]
- Greatly improved Performance by 60%-80% on MainMenu
- In App-Purchases Enabled and working as Intedeed
- Slightly decreased total deployable app size

More Optimizations and Fixes will arrive on next updates

Detailed info

  • File Size : 820.62MB
  • Current Version : 1.71
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Storming Tech
Total Ratings:


Latest Version :7.3 Android:7.5 Past 7 days : 7.3
  • Admiral Kin
    1.35 hrs on record

    Graphics: Excellent graphics no words and no down issues.

    Gameplay: As a FPS survival shooter it has it all, honestly only 1 game, it is that stable like this one in this point that is COD. You will have a great experience playing this title, and ofc it is not meant to be easy, it is ment to be wonderful, and grindy.

    Controls: Well I tested with controller and without, also did not find nothing wrong, but I made few adjustments because each preset it is different.

    Note: 10/10.

    ---- (Sever Bug) the game crashes and frezze!!!! Stage 1 , Update required.

  • Rokas Purlius
    8 mins on record

    Get stuck very easily between places, zombies are way too fast at some points, the reload takes long enough, would be better with a map or something where the powerups are

  • Jesus Ramos

    great game excelente graphics a little bit cranky controls but excelente overal, the only problem is tht have a server bug and crashes , the game would be even better if u solve tht bug , love the similirity with doom

  • crackpipe
    10 mins on record

    is this killing floor on mobile :)

  • Quyền Linh
    3 mins on record

    *** this game

    i trut going game and the game black i w for the game loading for 2 hour but the game it broken so i dont want to play this game anymore ***

    • Haruuuu~

      man, did you read the device requirements to play the game without a problem? or....


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