Project RIP Mobile - Free Horror Survival Shooter

Project RIP Mobile - Free Horror Survival Shooter

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  • Admiral Kin
    1.35 hrs on record

    Graphics: Excellent graphics no words and no down issues.

    Gameplay: As a FPS survival shooter it has it all, honestly only 1 game, it is that stable like this one in this point that is COD. You will have a great experience playing this title, and ofc it is not meant to be easy, it is ment to be wonderful, and grindy.

    Controls: Well I tested with controller and without, also did not find nothing wrong, but I made few adjustments because each preset it is different.

    Note: 10/10.

    ---- (Sever Bug) the game crashes and frezze!!!! Stage 1 , Update required.

  • Rokas Purlius
    8 mins on record

    Get stuck very easily between places, zombies are way too fast at some points, the reload takes long enough, would be better with a map or something where the powerups are

  • Jesus Ramos

    great game excelente graphics a little bit cranky controls but excelente overal, the only problem is tht have a server bug and crashes , the game would be even better if u solve tht bug , love the similirity with doom

  • crackpipe
    10 mins on record

    is this killing floor on mobile :)

  • Quyền Linh
    3 mins on record

    *** this game

    i trut going game and the game black i w for the game loading for 2 hour but the game it broken so i dont want to play this game anymore ***

    • Haruuuu~

      man, did you read the device requirements to play the game without a problem? or....

  • ragib-noor
    22 mins on record

    gameplay is good bt controls are slow. and for that i die everytime.

  • 無名
    9 mins on record


  • Hoàn Vũ

    the movement is freaking horrible. Got hard stucked with Zombies in stage 2

  • DouglaHaley
    1.33 hrs on record

    moving control is really hard

  • Mahmood
    21 mins on record

    just woowwww the graphics is stunning

  • Kumaresh M

    it needs to improve a lot especially the game runs smooth on Snapdragon 855 plus but nah the game is boring need more interesting concept

  • AsH Gaming

    not compatible in my device redmi 4

  • TobxtR

    Holly crap , this is literally doom but ported in mobile ,

    Rock music soundtrack - Check

    Weird looking monsters - Check

    ShOtGuNs - Check

    Triple A graphics - Check

    120FPS - Check

    Amazing gameplay - Check

    I will say this one behalf of the PC Master Race

    " Perfect game to play , if you don't , you gay "

  • dark master5678

    wooow its look like doom and action packed

  • Pratham Parle

    it is awesome

  • Caffeinated Gmr

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy J6+

  • Shiro Mahiro

    well done

  • JV Dela Cruz

    great game but drains battery a bit, all in all good ☑️

    • Haruuuu~

      Huawei phones are highly sensitive to high graphics game, Huawei branches are no good for Battery draining problem

  • 風一樣的胖丁








  • Phạm Lê Hoàng A

    Game khá ổn, ko dc chạy nhảy đi nhiều map như doom mà chỉ ở yên một map, chơi theo màn. Nhưng có một cái cực ngu của game là cơ chế auto run, ko có nút manual run mà buộc phải auto run, nhưng khi muốn strafe thì lại ko run dc. Game bắt bạn chạy rất nhiều nhưng cái chuyển tiếp giữa đi bộ và auto run rất trễ và khựng, khiến game kém mượt hẳn, cứ bị giật cục. Hơn nữa nếu đang chạy mà bật aim hì nó sẽ ko lên :))

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