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  • FinalHamu


    1.《復活邪神 Re ; universe》國際版於6月24日中午過後正式後開放遊玩,遊戲接續著《復活邪神 3》的劇情,並以原創角色「麗茲」與「波魯卡」為中心展開全新故事。





  • iume pamungkas
    played 27 hrs 5 mins

    my thoughts after 2 days playing it.

    the final fantasy 5 vibes give me chills when i played it.

    feeling nostalgic with this kind of game.

    got 13 SS with free stuff.

    Kinda hard to get weapon and enchant items, must grinding for real.

    main quest a bit short. finish it at day 1. hope the update didnt take too long.

    now just grinding for finishing quest in hard and super hard mode while upgrading the one that i didnt use for main party .

    31 mins played

    First thing first, my reviews base on my subjective perspective. You guys dont like my review it's all up to you.

    1. I don't really like the artwork. ❌

    2. Battle system is kinda unique but still Pokémon turn base battle mechanics is far better than this.

    3. The game itself said this game is not P2W, but there is "PAID" gems and "FREE" gems, and there are items who can only be bought by PAID gems. Well it's really P2W for me.

    I play this game only for 31 minutes, and auto uninstalled this game when i found that 3 negative point. I believe if i play this game for more time i'll find more negative points.

    - Wasted

    - Uninstalled in light of speed of game time.

  • ducluong nguyen

    update app pls

  • Khánh Bita
    played 12 hrs 13 mins

    game hay

    played 5 hrs 33 mins


    simply wow

  • 吴永东


  • Pham Vanh

    nó khiến tôi nhớ lại tầm năm 2k7 tôi còn dùng nokia chơi final fantasy 1 và 2

  • Nguyễn Việt Anh

    co pay to win không m.n

    co tieng viet nua thi

    • Wang Neko

      sao tải được vậy tôi tải nó không hiện cài đặt

  • Gacha Stories B

    Love it so far! Very free to play friendly!

  • Benny Chen


  • User2289585


  • SkullCarlo

    Muito bom, já está no meu top 10 de games diários. Aconteceu alguns travamentos mas nada demais, está com evento bacana para ganhar personagens SS.

  • Potato

    An awesome game with truly outstanding animations/tactics, really heart taking

  • Fedrikz CHANNEL

    bagaimana cara menghapus akun dan tidak download lagi?

  • Yiho


  • Võ Ngọc Lâm

    Ai vn chơi chung hen

  • menawan_ awan

    Really addicting!

  • tob0812


  • K.A.I. COC.
    played 29 hrs 38 mins


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