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  • File Size : 24.47MB
  • Current Version : 1.1
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  • Developer: Highscore Games
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  • Jerizo

    the games stage is very easy and there is only a few of them. not very hard in every stages. the game itself have potensial, they really need to update it. you can watch the gameplay here :

  • iimitan
    7 mins on record

    I didn't feel challenged after trying to play this game until the staging was reset to level 1, in fact this game can be said to be fun to play during free time, but unfortunately the higher the stage I still didn't find the challenges given by this game. All stages are easy to pass, even you can draw as much as you like or try to draw your own way so that the crowd walked safely to the finish line.

    The game only have a few stages, lack of challenges given at each stage, and can draw anything as we want.

    It's good if we get a drawing limit, for example can only draw 3x lines at each stage, maybe this thing can make the game more interesting imo.

    • 森林的王者

      Seems like a simple series for players. Could cost a few times on it. Or take bus subway etc. could play on it.

      But Voodoo's game feels better than this one.

    • iimitan

      Ah that's right, suitable for people who want to play while waiting for something.

  • JUN

    Happy Glass 와 비슷한 형태의 자신만의 선을 그려 미션을 완수하는 게임입니다.

    게임 자체는 상당히 창의력이 돋보이는 게임입니다. 비록 미션이나 그래픽이 약간은 단조롭다고 느낄수는 있지만, 게임 자체는 상당히 창의력과 시간이 순삭되는 게임이네요. 만약 중독성 있는 하이퍼 캐주얼 게임을 찾으신다면, 이 게임을 추천드립니다!


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