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The latest update brings the new killer, Leatherface
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Specification Requirement
Apple Users:
■ OS: iOS 11 or above
■ Hardware: iPhone SE, 6S and above

Android Users:
■ OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat OS) or above
■ Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent

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  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 7.0 and above


Device Requirements:
- OS: Android v7.0 (Nougat OS) or above
- Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent

Dead by Daylight™ is an asymmetrical 4 vs 1 multiplayer horror game in which one crazed killer hunts down four friends through a terrifying nightmare. Players take on the roles of both killer and survivor in a deadly game of hide and seek. Dead by Daylight is available on PC, console and now free on mobile.

Whether you enjoy making your friends laugh or scream, this 4 vs 1 asymmetrical survivor horror game has something all players will enjoy. With 5 players in the same Killing Grounds, unexpected moments and unforgettable jump scares wait around every corner.

Players can take on both the roles of the crazed Killer and the evasive Survivors in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Some players like the heart-racing experience of escaping the Killing Grounds. While other players, of the more deranged variety, play for the hunt and the satisfying panic they inflict on their prey.

Dead by Daylight Mobile comes with iconic killers from some of your favourite horror franchises. With Michael Myers®, SAW®’s Amanda Young, or Ghost Face®, our growing gallery of popular licensed characters has the variety your insatiable blood lust will love. And if players wish to play as one of our Survivors, they still get cult classic variety with beloved heroes like Halloween®’s Laurie Strode, and SAW®’s David Tapp. Of course, if you want something fresh, Dead by Daylight brings all new and original characters to life for players to enjoy.

Between multi-varied in-game experiences, randomly generated maps, and perks specifically customized to characters, Dead by Daylight Mobile offers players virtually endless and enriching progression and ever-changing experiences to enjoy.

Dead by Daylight Mobile comes with cosmetics for players to customize their favourite characters with. Between clothing items, full outfits, and accessories, players can fully express themselves and their unique personalities.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is the same survival horror game you love on console and PC, but fully optimized for mobile and now always by your side.

Want to make your friends laugh and scream?

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Note: An internet connection is required to play this game.

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Latest Version :8.3 Android:8.2 Past 7 days : 8.0
  • carroti
    74.40 hrs on record

    The game was working perfectly fine for me until I updated it today. Whenever I open the app, it immediately closes it back out. I tried restarting my tablet, opening it from TAP, opening it from my tablet's home screen, clearing the cache, but nothing. It still continues closing the app. Has this happened to anyone else?

    edit: read some comments and someone said to reinstall instead of updating, it worked :) (leaving this here in case anyone else has this problem)

    • lynx

      Same thing happen to me and I can't open the game what am I supposed to do😭

    • User4167351


    • Cheesec@ke

      same 😭

    • carroti

      try clearing the data, if it doesnt work then try reinstalling maybe

    • lynx

      Thanks for the tips I will definitely try it☺️

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  • Lil RE

    doing so good so far.." bruh,the hitboxes in this game is a fuccking lame joke. They were on the other side of the equator and it still hit me. You need luck in this game, even if you try to juke most of them still hit and y'know the same old face campers and shiiity teammates never ends.

    And since the update, it keeps disconnection from host when I play as a certain character wth

  • halojock
    183.97 hrs on record

    When is the leatherface update coming out?

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  • User1802333
    252.73 hrs on record

    What hapenned now after i updated this app i can't now open it please anyone help me and fix the problem

    • carroti

      try clearing the game data, if it doesnt work, reinstall inatead of updating. i had this problem as well.

    • User1802333

      the new update of letherface man

    • Aia Oblena Bale

      Guys can you please help me. I can't play with my friends. It's saying that the game is mismatched but all of us have the same version. Do you know any way to fix this? Thank you

  • Aia Oblena Bale

    The game is good but I can't play with my friends. It's saying that the game is mismatched. Do you guys know anything to fix this? I would be a lot better if this will be fixed. Please help if you know anything to fix this.

  • Official General

    《黎明死線》新殺手登場:食人魔(皮臉) 將再次給逃生者絕望

    黎明死線於5/19正式更新全新角色:食人魔(皮臉))到DBD手機版,這位面具狂人將會手持電鋸持續追捕逃生者們,直到永遠.... 皮臉的技能  人肉燒烤 把逃生者掛上鉤子後可以感知遠處的逃生者氣場 弗蘭克林之死 你的攻擊會令逃生者掉落他們的道具 擊倒 當其他逃生者不在附近時,垂死的逃生者的光環是看不見的。 本次更新內容: 1.皮臉現已成為遊戲中的可玩角色! 2.不祥水域收藏套裝可在極史詩超神秘

  • Official General


    《黎明死線》恭祝上線-秀出得分贏好禮: 為期十天的活動正式結束,非常感謝熱情參與和留下自己優秀戰績的玩家們,不論是玩人類或是玩殺手都看到各位玩家的絕佳技術與技巧,希望玩家們上分順利。 往後Tap還會不斷有優質的遊戲和活動等著各位來發掘,再次感謝各位熱情的參與玩家! 現在我們一起膜拜本次的活動的各位大師們: 逃生者 ----------

  • Feedback

    Add friends,,,,

    Yuuk yg mau mabar dbd add: CoconutSD dan WA 089629808179 nanti kita jadi tim and join discord ok.  Males gua solo terus

  • Feedback

    huawei mate30 pro手机不支持Google

    新买来的手机,结果不支持以前的账号,以前的账号也打到R5了,没事,重新打吧。结果HUAWEI mate 30 pro不支持谷歌服务,fb也不能,重载了很多次,结果只能选择游客入内。也不错新手机60帧+特效全开比老手机打的开心多了,操做,躲鬼,360都做的到了,打到R2离R1一步之遥。更新一下直接不能进游戏,两台都是这样。唉。。。。R2账号直接没去,有没有人有解决方法可以拿回旧账号或者可以让谷歌账号

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Dead by Daylight Mobile


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