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CBT on March 25

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SEA Closed Beta Test
March 25 12:00 to April 8 12:00 (GMT+8)
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From the creators of the hit mobile RPG ‘Valiant Force’, comes Shining Beyond - an epic adventure into a new realm within the shared universe of Valiant Force!

Shining Beyond, an online Role-Playing Mobile game, is an ‘idle-action hybrid’ that caters to any playstyle. Take on powerful Monsters and daunting Challenges such as Raids, while passively gathering resources and loot while you are away from the game.

Dozens of visually stunning heroes, skills and costumes await in the realm of Feldria - a war-torn land where an eldritch evil threatens to take away all hope and freedom.

Key Game Features

Offline Idle Play
Earn resources, treasures and more even while you are away from the game!

Real-time Co-op
Explore dungeons and slay enemies with friends. Work as a team to overcome the most thrilling challenges together!

Deep Customization
Customize every Hero through an in-depth job system. Choose a path that best suits your team and play style, strengthening them with a diverse selection of equipment, runes and beautiful costumes!

In-game Events
Constant updates that introduce new lore, special battles and challenging mechanics such as Raids and Treasure Hunts! Exclusive rewards await all aspiring adventurers!

An Otherworldly Soundtrack
Boasting an original soundtrack by Mr. Hitoshi Sakimoto of Basiscape, immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of Feldria!

Visual Masterpieces
Stunning 2D and 3D art by the talented artists of XII Braves, bringing each hero to life on the battlefield and on your screen!

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Shining Beyond SEA Beta is open!

【New Update】
・The Legion’s Terror Event Live!
・Many new features, bug fixes and optimisation.
・Rewards to celebrate SEA Beta testing!
・Server goes live on March 25th, 2020 (12PM GMT +8)!

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Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.22GB
  • Current Version : 1.0.5
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: XII Braves
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Latest Version :7.8 Android:7.5 Past 7 days : 7.0
  • 言猫


    - Excellent art

    - Idle accumulation system (it's only accumulating for 4h only, I would like it more if it's for 6h to 8h at least)

    - Emilia ヾ(・ε・`*)♡

    - They have a cat riding on a corgi hero

    - Decent rates for summoning gachas (used to be the outrageous 0.5% i think, but now it's 5%)



    - Too much boobs

    - Imo the difficulty pacing is a bit off (too difficult starting from chapter 10)

    - As of now, there is only one set of school uniform costume for a selected few heroes (I won't count for the basic costumes you get for ranking up your heroes) but they might be working on adding more

    - I don't see the use for Wishing Altar, and I think? the rates for getting something decent is less than 5%

    - Very grindy

    - Brings nothing new to the table (it's almost identical to Valiant Force, the developers' last project)

    - The game doesn't give much gems

    - Express dungeon runs costs tickets (and you don't receive much each day)


    Final thoughts: Overall, it's a fun game for a day (maybe a month if you're really hardcore). It's way too grindy for me, but it's not a bad game.

    • TUTUer

      6-8hrs for a game company is too much cz it must try all its best to let the plays open the game again and again in a day.

  • M. Soracle

    1. I love the 2D art but the 3D art doesn't translate the 2D models really well.

    2. battle gameplay is too clotted and it is almost impossible to enjoy characters skills and reactions.

    3. I don't like it when tutorial is mixed with initial story. cz so many players tend to skip the tutorial but they have to suffer through it to follow the story.

    4. auto text sound effect is annoying!

    5. I don't see innovative ideas or approaches towards the genre that it follows which is going to negatively affect the game longevity.

    overall, it might be impossible now to make big changes, but the battle system was a let down and I was hoping for a cleaner and more tactical system which the players can have more control over battles.

  • Brandon LJ Mill

    Ive been living this game from the combat to the designs of the charecters and how they change appearence when you upgrade them but I'm can't give this a five star until they undo the *** bobble head designs it looks so *** the old designs were near perfect translations of the art work now they all have ***ly oversized heads I thought I was seeing things wth please I'm begging you devs change the charecters back to how they were

  • tama

    mmmm not much changes.. just some little bit optimization improvement but the umm 'fps drop' still there like before ,just kinda better now.. the ui also slightly change. i think its ady in a better shape.

    hmm aite lets try the second cbt .. how far the improvement has been made

    • TUTUer

      Hope it will be better when you meet next time 😄~

  • Admiral Kin

    Art : the art in this game it is not great or bad either I can say, it is acceptable in a way and not in other way well it could be worst it could be better.

    Gameplay: Hmmm, same like the other titles dose not offer you a certain strategy on the field or It is only me, most of it it's auto, and yeah you can unlock certain strategy types by the time you advance ( strategy field squares) . The Gatcha system(*_*), normally I am not into that style honestly but in this days this is something that majority of the titles have with few exceptions only.

    Skills/Casting : Here I will talk about camera angles skills and more: Normally for those with a deaply love of anime characters, they love to see his favourite hero castig his awesome skill, and I am one of the examples here, some heroes cast skills and you can not see a damn what they are doing...or understanding what it is all about because also maybe you are playing on auto, so yeah you got the point.

    Stability: It needs some improvements as well on this part, sometimes the gameplay is kinda blurry and also the camera angles dose not focus so well on action it feels like it is left in space. 😒

    General: Same like any other titles system nothing new in any case, but still it is fun to play, I will wait the final version of it.

    • TUTUer

      valuable review!!!This game is still in testing, and your review can help the devs make it better! waiting for the release time and a wonderful game~❤️


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