Digimon Remake
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Digimon Remake


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20 years classic digital IP reappears, your story with digital monsters becomes reality.
You will incarnate 8 chosen children, hundreds of familiar digimon will come on the stage and review the carefree time of the holiday with you. The Agumon, Angemon and Metal Garurumon have been waiting you for a long time!
Game features:
●Original monsters, taking you to pursue 20 years of digital memories.
The familiar digital monsters will show up one by one and take you back to your childhood 20 years ago.
●Strategic deployment, arranging forces and braving in the digital world.
Classic Turn-based game, strategic battle, digital monster ultimate confrontation.
●Hands free, auto fight, playing at leisure time.
Fragmented time cultivation, optional auto fight mode, easy to combat.
●Kyuukyoku shinka, controlling evolution direction independently
Meet your digimon, from rookie to mega.

Contact: sdfhjhfsk@gmail.com

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  • Update Time: Mar Wed, 2020
  • Developer: Youxixi