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  • Vhen Jho

    it's good for the young people

  • Jkris Rodriguez

    I hope they wont make this game Pay 2 win.. So me and my friends will be able to play this game.. Im excited cuz its ginna release tomorrow

  • User1394836

    when will server maintenance end?

    can I even play it in Japan?

  • WackenVN

    Have you finished the mainternance? 2 days after installing and I still couldn't play.

  • cherrouq mohame

    hi friends and what this game offers offline plz

  • Nick the Nick

    this games is so sick

  • Hồ Nguyên

    what time open sever

    • Neliem

      đã dốt tiếng anh thì ghi tiếng việt đi

  • XxbilsmanxX

    kartrider crazy racing one of best Chinese games of 2019 easy to control hard to understand MP linking account via QQ or WeChat (no problem who learning YouTube tutorials about WeChat) and Chinese language pre-registration of kartrider rush+ is opened now reached 4 million pre-registrations in official website and more pre-registrations in Google play store and app store for 1 reason kartrider rush+ got hyped by players and kartrider fans form South Korea and Taiwan 12 may to be well played and fun

  • Dương Duy

    Nexon chặn ip Việt Nam nên vô game báo bảo trì đó.

    Tải lại game, rồi Fake ip qua Hàn, Thái, Sing để chơi nha. Android thì xóa data game cho, rồi fake ip cho nó tải data thì mới chơi dc.

  • Selli°moemoe
    36 mins on record

    pretty good kart game really.

    nice & cute graphics ✓

    decent in-game rewards and events ✓

    the drifting mechanic is firing me up, it's like faster faster fastaaaaa!! something like drift holic 😁

    the game have lot features which make this game so cool.

    for me i would rank this game as top list racing game for now (anime style not realistic), since i ady used to play something like this.. such CTR since was a kid or Crazy kart almost ten years ago. its really bring me joy 😂

  • Mary Ho


  • lol wut?

    now the ping was ***ing high af even i use 65 mbps wifi!! if this game doesn't support asia, dont provide it!! 1 star is the best!!

  • 한국인

    약간 아쉬운게 있지만 컬리티, 디테일, 조작법 등등 엄청 좋아요 빨리 출시했으면 했는데 너무 재밌어요

  • JTX 71


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  • Magocris

    como posso dizer kkkkk n diferencia muito de garena speed drifters (sério kkkk) tirando lógico, os personagens e sua língua estar em inglês, seu peso esta até bem estabilizado pelos modos dentro do jogo, mas levará 3 estrelinhas por isso

    • Leonardo Leal d

      acho que entre ele e o speed drifters be so mais ele agora entre o verdadeito speed drifters ai EU prefiro o Speed. PRA Jim a jogabilidade do speed drifters e as mecanicas sao Mao's legais

  • Thuận Trần

    Can't even log in! I used Vpn but it still remain the same.

  • User4030850

    I hope this comes out soon.

  • PauloKenobi

    Pra mim está sendo pura diversão! Nunca gostei tanto de um jogo de corrida como deste.

  • Rakha Muhammad

    P2W kaya garena speed drifter ga ni??

  • Vinh Quang
    4 mins on record

    k vào game đc

    • Phi Long

      đang bảo trì,chán quá : ((

    • Thuận Trần

      Không phải đâu nó chặn vpn VN đấy. Nexon đó giờ vậy mà =))

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