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The Academy

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Arbor’s famed Academy has always been a place where brilliance and mystery go hand in hand. Step into the shoes of Sam, a freshman who will soon discover that both greatness and dread are to be found in the ancient halls of the school.
With a little help from your friends, tackle all of the challenges the Academy has to offer and become a part of the story unlike any you’ve played.

- Think outside the box with over 200 unique puzzles and riddles that will challenge even the most seasoned players

- Explore the visually gorgeous Academy with all of the secrets it holds

- Unravel a centuries-old mystery looming over the school and the town of Arbor

They say that behind every corner of the Academy lies a riddle waiting to be solved.
Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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Fixed "invisible people" bug, "black screen" bug, crashing bug, and many more. More polish on puzzles and texts.

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  • File Size: 783.04MB
  • Current Version: 0.7707
  • Update Time: Jul 7, 2020
  • Developer: Snapbreak
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  • 机器人





  • Hansell

    This game.. oh god I was expecting something different..something better.

    Its just a puzzle game wrapped up in a "exploration/adventure" cover.

  • 1412 K.I.D

    to play this game. u must good in English, coz this English advance level, or native speaker. n the question is too tricky

  • 皮皮尧

    游戏以关卡设计为亮点,大部分关卡都是考验玩家的逻辑思维能力,剧情的话 还比较饱满 需要玩家耐心的玩下去

  • Harsh Vinesh

    The game is awesome but needs lags even in low graphic, please optimize the game.

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