[CBT] Ragnarok Origin

[CBT] Ragnarok Origin


CBT on May 7
Coming soon
Coming soon

Developer Notes:

Editor notes

"Ragnarok Origin" Closed Beta Test
⚠️Only pre-registered with Korean mobile number have access to the CBT
Date: 5/7 11:00 ~ 5/13 21:00 (GMT+9)
This is the Closed Beta Test version of "Ragnarok Origin"
To pre-register the official version:

  • Korean
  • Require network
  • Require proxy from China
  • Play store support required


[Game Introduction]
Ragnarok Origin's new story that will bring you the best joy and emotion!

◈ Origin, the best quality ◈
-The most improved, quality and game art since the original!
-High quality graphics beyond the original sensibility!
-The best succession that evolved like the most Ragnarok!

◈ Origin, maximum freedom ◈
-High freedom and various field events!
-Adventure on free-spirited continents with daily content!
-Various weather changes that change with reality!

◈ Origin, the best nurturing system ◈
-Cultivate a variety of unique occupations!
-Choose a job freely!
-Customize and leave in your own style!

◈ Origin, the best fighting action ◈
-Enhance the hitting motion of hundreds of weapons!
-Better hitting feeling and better handling!
-Origin's unique action fantasy!

◈ Origin, the best mercenary system ◈
-You, be my colleague! Find colleagues in the world of origin!
-Massive battle content with colleagues!

◈ Origin, the best emotional content ◈
-Character, mercenary, garden, pet customization!
-Realistic selfie features and makeup!
-The origin of the unique pleasure that was not available with the magazine system!

◈ Origin, the best community ◈
-Various community life where you can meet special relationships!
-Special community content to build friendships with guild members!

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