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"Blade of God" English version is now available!
Blade of God English version will release on May 22 (Android)
Exclusive Rewards for Pre-registration:
Soul Shard * 10
Skill Rune *10
Gem Bag*1(Lv. 1 Fire Attack Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Fire Resist Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Ice Attack Gem x 10,Lv. 1 Ice Resist Gem x 10)

  • English
  • Play store support required
  • Required
  • In-app purchases
  • Android 4.1 and above


Blade of God is an indie hardcore 3D action mobile game.

Honors of BOG:
In 2017, nominated for the Best Indie Game by 4GAMER.NET at TGS 2017.
In 2019, we obtained the development qualification on Nintendo Switch at TGS 2019.

BOG has a multi-camera system to immersive gameplay with a fascinating storyline.
And its battle system includes QTE(Quick Time Event), perfect dodge, throwing, mounting monsters, transformation, spirit summoning, and combos combined by light and heavy attack, which provide an experience just like console gaming.

The game world view is based on Norse Mythology.
You will play as Chaos, a hero who possesses a mysterious bloodline. In order to save your family, you have to make tough choices between sin and punishment, between survival and destruction, and between carnage and redemption.

【Hardcore combat and multi gameplay】
--Combo attacks, counterattack, riding monsters, metamorphosis, perfect dodge, QTE, etc.
--Over 50 scenes with different styles and almost 100 gigantic beasts and Nordic gods. Players can capture the gods' souls and summon their power in battle.

【Dark Nordic mythology and multi-ending】
--The game world includes 3 Realms and 9 countries. The legendary story happens among Odin the Grand Creator, Thor the Lord of Gods, Loki the Fallen One, and Loki’s four Fallen Gods.
--Multi ending relevant your choice: The different choices in the plot will affect the trust of Heim and Esther, it will determine the final ending.

【Dark art style and violence aesthetics】
--The dark art style of Blade of God created a cruel mythology world.
--We pour our inspiration into each character, use the vivid 3D model to represent the character's design, to make a different violent aesthetics.

————Some instructions————
【Equipment Requirements】The game requires a minimum of 2GB RAM. Recommend use iPhone6s or above & iPad Air2 or above to play.

【Pay to Unlock All Chapters】We provide some chapters for free to play. You can make a one-time payment to unlock the rest chapters, and get the "Judgment of Dawn " Costume and 10 healing potions.

【Useful links】
Official Twitter:
Official Facebook:
Official Discord:
Official Website:

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  • VulgarisUSA


    Hmmm...actually, having the menus remain only in Chinese IS a big problem, particularly with the skill trees. the icons aren't intuitive enough to figure out what they are, and what they do. Accumulating skill points slowly doesn't really allow for optimal character building in the play style of your choice. it makes being selective about your skill choices very difficult and certainly doesn't allow for spending your skill points wisely. I guess I'll have to pull out my camera translator app. Not an ideal sitch, but it mostly gets the job done. My critique to the devs would be that if you claim this is to be an English release yet keep the menus (which of course are super important) in Chinese, it's NOT an English release at all. I'm still enthusiastic about the game and will still buy the full version, but I have to admit that I'm more than a bit disappointed. Or, maybe we can get some of our Chinese speaking friends to create an English cheat sheet for the skill trees lol


    what the hell is wrong with you guys? you're complaining over having to spend $4 for a game of this quality? Have you all lost your damn minds?? This is obviously a 2 mission demo for you to see if you want to play it or not. This is not unusual at all in the industry. You're upset about the $4 ticket? Great, go buy a similar game on the PS4 for $59.95. God forbid the devs get paid a lousy $4 for the work that went into this game. yah, I wish the full game were available right now, but i know it's coming and I'll wait without crying about having to support the dev team with a lousy $4. Jeeze ;(


    yes. Yes. YES!!!! Love the comic book style graphics. LOVE the control. Movement is super fluid and precise and Chaos goes exactly where you need him to be. LOVE the dodge/evade skill. It actually works! The game starts out with a bang, you go up against Loki's skeletal protector, and it keeps the momentum going. Just finished the first campaign and now going up against the Colossus. it has elements of some of my all time favorite games such as God of War 1 and 2, Darkness Rises, and the highly underrated and overlooked Dante's Inferno. I need to go back in and take this Colossus out right NOW. Will return soon with a proper review. I have one minor gripe. although the voicing is in English, the menus are all in Chinese. dunno yet if this is going to be a problem. the purchase system seems to be up, I downloaded the first locked chapter and it took me directly to MyCard. I didn't make a purchase because it's all in Chinese and I didn't want to risk hitting the wrong buttons. Anyone who might be hesitant to grab this for any reason, SNAP OUT OF IT!! Go grab it now! I'm playing on my Galaxy S4 tab, and it's smooth as silk. More to come!!

    • Shariar Iqbal

      sry to say but not everyone is able to spend money on games,some ppl like free games,not everyone van afford a ps4 or xbox one,so ur comment has no value,ur thoughts r jus too un ethical....mayb ur too damn rich to pay for every single game,but jus remember not everyone is rich to spend money in games...some ppl like it free,cuz mayb they can't afford spending 4$ on a game...

      if its like that then devs should take out games for only ppl who can afford and not advertise it to everyone else....

      think what i said,and don't comment like a ***.

    • DemareoProGamer

      bro chill

    • VulgarisUSA

      sorry man. I call 'em as I see 'em.

    • Blade of God

      Thank you for your support of our game! We will optimize and update the game in the future to bring players a better game experience. Thank you again for loving our game!

    • Pepe D

      Those people want free only and yep ur right. Fkin sick type this people tho

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  • Byakuya Kuchiki

    ➡️Blade of Combined 3x⬅️

    Greetings everyone, so Blade of God it is a RPG with a story that it is situated in time of Zeus , Hera, Loki, and all other Gods of the ancient Greece. The game has the composition to combine 3 different aspects of the 3 games that are a massive debut and also knows to keep his range not be copyright affected.

    Blade of God it is massive success in mobile area by providing you experience like playing God of War, Assassin's Creed Origins and Devil may Cry. The beauty of the game stands in his story and the variety of you avoiding skills and puts you to fight legendary names that you will found it out in you journey in Hell...yeah kinda scary but not so, it is a video game after all.

    ➡️ Gameplay: Blade of God gameplay it is quite straight , and keeps the fantasy area of the ancient times in a captivating space by combining the story and action pretty good . RPG style with items and weapons that you will loot and you will em in your deadly journey in Hell...why the hell I am keep say it , have no idea , but it is what it is .

    ➡️Grapchis/Sound/Voice : As I am artist as well also I love to see the beauty of a game and I love well made composition in Grapchis . The game stands into this are at a note of 7 ( covering a huge blur that really dose no need it.) The sound and the voice acting are quite good but not formidable overall combined with the aspect will put you on that world .

    ➡️Extra : Why it is combined ‼️X3‼️?!. Here I am talking why it is combined X3 , as you will notice the criteria of collecting souls or what are they called comes from Devil May Cry. In Assassin's Creed we found most of the time that avoiding scheme when a enemy perform the action you can avoid it by a simple button or touch in this case . God of War fact comes with the assets of the story .

    📌So if you are a fan of a RPG in the deepest history here it is a good title for you but nothing comes freely at all, maybe you want some customized Characters as well, there is a app market inside that you need to purchase if you so desperate to invest heavy in your look. The game it is captivating but it is not a masterpiece , also some weapons are on the market as well, so in my case not entire a pay 2 win , but it is in some ways . So if you want to rejoy once again God of War , Assassin's Creed and Devil may Cry action packed in one single platform here it is your title that will make you play it long time , sorry in my case I do only tests and I wipe em out 📌

    👁️‍🗨️Take care be healthy stay safe👁️‍🗨️

    • Nghĩa Bùi

      Loki is a god in Ancient Greece.... well thats new

    • Byakuya Kuchiki

      Well it is a GOD in other way 🤣🤣🤣 I forgot about Loki home place it is hmmmm I just forgot the name


      Can you recommend me a masterpiece plz?

      Nice Review.

    • Joel ElDiablo

      Loki god of mischief original from Norse

    • VulgarisUSA

      Great review as always man :). I always really enjoy your points of view. You also left out Dante's Inferno (seems the whole gaming world did too lol) as a title from which this one drew some components. if you have an Xbox, i believe you can DL Dante's Inferno from the store for free. I HIGHLY recommend it, as a side note ;)

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  • Marius Popescu

    EDIT: IT'S RELESES ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE NOW I MAKE THE DOWNLOAD, PROBABLY WE CAN BUY FULL GAME, SO GUYS TAKE THE GAME FROM PLAY STORE, FROM HERE IS NOT POSSIBLE TO BUY THROUGH GOOGLE PLAY,NO OTHER WAY I SEE TO PAY, SO GUYS IT'S A DEAD GAME IF U DON'T FIX........really great god of war gameplay inspiring this one, I see no Google Play support and no Bluetooth controller support, so I have to use my Apex gamepad with flydigi mapping apk, so gameplay is super, not easy, and grafics is great on my Tab s6, just gorgeous, I' curious how will buy the Whole game, for now i get back to kick some ass, 👍💪😀, I CAN CONFIRM, IT'S WORKING TO PAY ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE, THE GAME IS RELEASED ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE. 👍

    • Mohit Kumar Nar

      I cant install it after downloading

    • Marius Popescu

      to bad, it's a great game, maybe your hardware what u have in ur fhone is not compatible, what gadget are u using

    • User927713

      same here, using Samsung galaxy s8+

    • Blade of God

      Hello, we are urgently repairing the problem of being unable to purchase. You can download and pay directly in the Google Store.

    • Narukami

      the minimum requirements are 4.1 and maximum are 9 (pie) also apk supports 32bit and 64bit device.

      better contact the dev and make sure they know their game has problems on some devices so they can release the fix version.

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  • Nitro Sorn

    3 Stars

    First of all you have to pay for the game,i know that you worked hard on the game but atleast make it free to play 8 levels then you can make us buy the game

    second the lag always occur everytime i play

    I waited for this game for a whole month thought that it would be free to play and no op weapons promotions.

    But no all you did was

    make us play 4 levels and buy the game

    make promotions.

  • zc17zc

    BLADE OF GOD is an action adventure game based on Western mythology.

    The design on UI is actually pretty good. It ’s quite concise. There aren’t so many garish icon, but it ’s a bit of similar style of console game. Although this work is not in a dark style, the color matching is very deep. There is a low differentiation, especially between characters and scenes.

    Although the shock of the game did not achieve my original expected effect, it is still worth playing for a stand-alone game.

    The skill shooting is still relatively rich, and there are amazing Q、T、E design in the battle. It requires players to combine powerful combos with appropriate skills, and precise combos can hit high damage.

    Anyway,l still suggest that those one who are interested in this kind of game could try it for one time!

    • Blade of God

      Thank you for your support of our game! We will optimize and update the game in the future to bring players a better game experience. Thank you again for loving our game!

    • Afaq Manzoor

      bro can you tell me please where pu the redeem code

    • User1575750

      is this game still paid after a level ....




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