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The story of the chess Knight takes place on the Ayr continent. I don't know when the continent has had four major races: human, cat, bear, and egg race. On the Ayr continent, the fire of civilization of science and technology has been ignited, but the legacy of the past mythological era has not faded. This is a world with both swords and guns.
There are industrial production lines, as well as potions with magical effects. Of course, in this fantasy world of steampunk, magic does not exist, everything must be driven by steam and steel.
The four major races in the Ayr continent have become four camps, each of which has its own technological characteristics and attack methods. We can clearly see these differences in the knights. We will all have a sense of deja vu on these knights’ names, why they appear on that continent, how they are related to the characters of this world, and whether they still have memories of this world for players to explore.
Players can not only lead the continuous exploration of the Knights, but also need to build their own homes to let the Knights grow. On the Ayr continent, there are various relics that can be explored, a variety of events, and monsters that can be crusaded, these are the battle targets of the Knights. Players need to face different situations and form different teams to deal with it. Occasionally, special knights can be found to recruit.
The battle of the Knights takes place between the knight and the colossus. Players can summon guards with similar abilities to defend their colossus, and can try to defend themselves against other players. Maybe you can do much better than the designer!
There are many neutral territories that players can compete for. These territories are important resources for the Knights, and compete with other players for these territories!

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    卡在3-25 不能再上了


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    游戏时长还没有很长,不过基本上的游戏模式已经都有所体验了,是一款不错的游戏,游戏方式也算是较为新颖,但有几个小的关注点希望官方注意。 第一,一个bug,在升级了可以增加讨伐坦克的那个小东西之后,无法进行讨伐,只可以正常的攻打(之遇到了一次,第二次大概要肝很久如果已经更新请无视) 第二,希望游戏可以给出一个更为完整的世界观构型,目前来看,感觉整个游戏就是刷刷刷类型时间久了很可能会感到疲劳。 第三,希


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