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Version SP "Sweet Summoner" is available! Welcome the visitor from Cat Island!

New Race - Doram
The Doram Race is often seen as Cat Man, they are cute and love adventure.
They can ascend into the Summoner class, summoning all the food and animals to help adventurers along the journey!

New Map - Rachel

Rachel is the capital of this religious nation Arunafeltz
All the locals and pilgrims are crowded into this city believing the Goddess. Althrough Rachel looks peaceful and happy, but there are politics wars between the royal family.
What is hiding behind the Dark Temple and Icy Cave?

New Dungeon - Cake Battle
A new feature of gameplay added to the weekly event.
A brand new way of combat with amazing rewards.

Casualize Weekly and Daily Event
Reduce the pressure and chores but not reduce any rewards!
Making a nice and easy schedule for everyone.

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Latest Version :5.9 Android:5.9
  • Ranattachiiiiii
    played 1057 hrs 40 mins

    im not expect anything from dis ep 7.0 ahahaha

    if just my friend doesnt be here, i'd be somewhere else already :3

    ( ╹▽╹ ) road to 1k hours (not even proud bout it)

  • crayven
    played 185 hrs 26 mins

    please update ep.7 cant update to playstore

  • Agustín Ginsaru
    played 246 hrs 29 mins

    I love this game since pc... but I give 3 stars cuz I want play the ep.7 and don't update the server yet, pliz give us the new version

  • FatLoli
    played 32 hrs 2 mins

    I would like a quick update ep 7.0there is nothing to wait for, the sooner the better for us all :]

  • Sabrina Vargas
    played 488 hrs 39 mins

    I can't download the update through playStore they are blocked for my country. I play in SEA on time and would like to continue playing. Take the update to the playStore or open it to other countries.



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