Wild Born

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Authentic Hunting Action [Wild Born]
The more you experience, the more you use your hand, the stronger you will be!
Experience the first wild world on mobile!

■ Survive in the Wild
- Hunting action RPG adventure set against the 50+ century on Earth
- Wild riders pinch their breath every moment.
- Be sure to read the guidelines for survival

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본격 마수사냥 액션 와일드본!
경험 할수록, 손을 쓸수록, 적을 알수록 강해진다!
CBT: 6/11~6/15

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Latest Version :7.9 Android:7.9
  • 怪玩客



    是由韓國LINE GAME製作








    像是雙刀 劍盾 重劍 等武器也有遠程的長槍可以使用

  • curt bullock

    this game is pretty damn good...i saw whatcha did there.....nice...

  • iimitan
    29 mins played

    The first thing I felt, it's too laggy for a game whit size is only 2.5GB so this is a bit less comparable, (even though I've used the lowest graphics).

    For an adventure idea I can say this one is good and got a rare touch, you can enter the city to shop at the NPCs Store, and others.

    It is just me or not, but when I enter Battle Field, I feel this game is adapting the Monster Hunter game?

    If you are the type of player who likes to play with good graphics, this is one that you might be able to try, but keep in mind that this game needs a decent device recommendation above mid-end (RIP my phone can't handle how heavy it is).

    • VAGOS

      Neither can I play because it is too laggy even though I have adjusted it to the lowest level :((

  • ShinobiUA
    played 1 hrs 31 mins

    Наконец можно поиграть в мобильный Монстр Хантер. Жаль конечно что она на корейском и мало что понятно из того что там есть, что дают те иные банки, что за статы.

    Отличная графика, но не для моего телефона. Выдаёт максимум 25 фпс, а в битве так вообще 8 и это удручает, хоть и выставил настройки на минимум.

    Оптимизация хоть и есть кака ни какая, но нужно ещё поработать с ней, для лучшего эффекта.

    Мне игра понравилась, достойна для того чтобы оставить её на телефоне и время от времени побегать и поубивать мобов.

  • Admiral Kin
    played 1 hrs 15 mins

    📍Wild Born 📍( CBT)

    Wild Born one of the games that has amazing textures and graphics, pretty similar to Monster Hunter World as well, but this one it is a closed RPG area monster hunter . Game shares some characteristics from other games as well. The game it is fluent , has good graphics , a nice and smooth UI interface and it is all about skills, we'll since it is a CBT stage there is place for improvement as well , if you really played at least once MHW now this title may fit your needs as well.

    • Rinku Hyutashi

      It show good graphics and will be high grossing game sooner but isn't korean until now? Is it easy to play without the language barrier? Looks like MHW for android but i hope they got languages sooner. Thanks

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