Real Moto 2
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The sequel to the mega hit racing game ‘Real Moto’
with over 15 million downloads!

Experience the best motorcycle racing with unparalleled graphics!

Try our newly designed physics engine
from scooters to super sports bike
with a variety of controls and handling.

A global contest that riders dream of!
Race against players around the world
in GP Modes based off of the actual MOTO GP Championship.

Experience super realism in the palm of your hand,
release your racing instincts, and break the limits of speed!

Real Moto 2 presents the fun in racing beyond your imagination.

● Features
- Real 3D graphics & various camera angles
- Supports various controllers & intuitive controls
- Detailed and exquisitely reproduced super sports motorbikes
- Realistic and vibrant racer movements
- Immersive snow, rain, day, and night environments
- Various track testing from around the world
- Colorful bike customizing
- Motorbike upgrades

● To Be Updated
- Multiplayer mode
- CITY Mode: Race through traffic

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What's new

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- Modifying the repetitive quest bug
- Add 4 new maps
- AI modification
- Graphic improvement.
- Improve sound issues (less noisy)
- modification of the motorbike physical engine (Add TIRE slip)
- Modified to be less shaky in the event of a vehicle motorcycle crash.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 203.16MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.501
  • Update Time: Jul 22, 2020
  • Developer: Dreamplay Games
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Latest Version :6.9 Android:6.8
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    • Royalflare

      是最新版的丫,无法玩另外两个模式是因为需要联网并登录谷歌,登陆失败的话就玩不了- -

  • InfiVids

    Real Moto 2 Gameplay Ultra Graphics.

  • Dafiq Cahya N

    please make the motorbike exhaust sound like the original so it doesn't look almost the same all because it makes the game strange, and multiply the circuit and laps settings, weather, and time and add tournament modes in GP mode and multiplayer to make it more challenging and improve the jagged graphics. We don't care about the size if the game is really good for the rider animation in this game already looks cool

    • Coco

      Good advice.

      The sound of a motorcycle is one of the keys to the game experience.

      : )

  • drox rd

    waiting for more improvements. best moto gp gameplay so dar

  • Santoni YT

    Please release the multiplayer mode quickly and add a custom room mode so you can enjoy this game with friends and the graphics are good if you can add advance settings to adjust shadows, resolution, lighting, and anti-aliasing because this game has less antialiasing and less realistic scenery in the sky because just look like that and if during rainy weather the road becomes slippery or the driver easily falls if he is not careful to be more challenging and exciting. I support this game because this game is the only best MotoGP game at the moment so make improvements to make sure the players feel at home in this game

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