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"BLADE OF GOD" 2 is a 3D hardcore action game and the sequel to the original "BLADE OF GOD" series.
Players take on the role of the painful, sad, ordinary, but great heroes of mythology as they venture through the vast and mysterious Norse kingdoms on a journey of redemption, fighting the "sacrificers" who have lost their "destiny".

The story takes place before the twilight of the gods, when the Nordic kingdoms are in the grip of an unknown undercurrent. Odin, the omniscient god-king, wages war to seize the spirits, while Loki, the long-plotted god of evil, emerges from the depths of darkness. Khaos, the Destiny Challenger, Esther, the awakened Valkyrie, Hela, the banished goddess of the underworld, and Siegfried, the dragon slayer. Each with a different goal in mind, this dark age kicks off the twilight of the gods.

■ Customize your role
Choose your speciality between Clash, Archery and Spells and experiment with unique combinations of the improved multi-class system. Upgrade your character and learn new powerful abilities through three different skill trees.

- Upgrade characters and assign attributes and skill points.
- Unlock over 45 unique skills.
- Choose from three different majors.
- Create unique combinations using multi-class systems.

■ Powerful legendary equipment
Slay hordes of monsters or wager gold on gamblers to find more powerful items and enhance your equipment with upgrades and infusion systems. Decorate your equipment with over 8 different upgradable gems.

- Find over 200 different rare items (common, magical, rare and legendary).
- Equip unique power for powerful legendary items.
- Upgrade the system to increase item power.
- Inject two legendary items to create powerful new items.
- 8 rare gems, rarity level 10.

■ Completely free
The game can be played completely free of charge, except for in-app purchasers who want to unlock additional features and want to support this new action Rpg development for Android!

We plan to make AnimA one of the best Action Rpg's in the store, so we've been hard at work developing the game and will be releasing new updates and fresh content on a regular basis. And remember, we did it because we love it.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news about the game, follow us at.

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  • 102251082@Taper

    hello upcoming BOG 2 ... I finished playing BOG 1 all chapter's n there are some thing I would like to suggest

    First off Amazing game 👌 I love it

    unlike the first one can u just keep it for free

    is there any chance this would come off as an online game where we can compete with other players PvP

    if BOG 2 is to be an ONLINE- GAME ....


    u can make the file space to be 10 or 15 GB but don't make it pay to win ...or something where players have to ply 24/7 ...

    please don't let upgrade take 4 or 5 days

    n GOD ohhh please don't make it look like "BLACK DESERT MOBILE"

    BDM has lost a lot of players ..


  • Potla-potli Bou

    Do you have chaos in this game?

  • Narukami

    I hope this game is premium offline so i can buy and play the game alone. but if it's online then there's no reason for me to wait for this game.

    if you make separate versions of online and offline or free offline with ads/iap and premium offline without ads/iap, i will look forward to the premium offline versions but if such a thing is possible.

    (  ̄ー ̄)

  • JakeP1

    I Played Blades of God but this BOG is more than that iam really really like to play game like this action combat sytles plzz plzz make this game for Free and kindly Need English version trailor is awesome! ✌

    • Coco

      There will be an English version! We believe in developers!

    • JakeP1

      Hope In Ur kind Words brother!

    • Leo Gasviani

      this game will be free it's said in the description it will have more characters and will be way better that it's predecessor was

    • JakeP1

      sry sry bro i did read thx for kind info so cool of U ✌😁

  • Abdullah ALNZE.

    Is there a way to try the Beta version

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