Ragnarok: 2004 Classic

Ragnarok: 2004 Classic

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Play 2004 Classic Ragnarok anywhere you go! This is a supplementary android mobile client for that popular
Ragnarok PC Games designed for Classic Ragnarok Online.
It is still recommended to play the game in PC for FULL
features and better game experience.
We don't give any support at Play Store. Visit forum or Facebook Page for support.
WebSite: https://www.classicro.net
Support Forum: https://community.classicro.net
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/classicro.net
PC Installer:
PC Full Installer (528mb): http://tinyurl.com/zdouyzj
PC Torrent Installer: http://tinyurl.com/jfvtly7
Known Issue:
- Still under development so bare with us.
- All Skill VISUAL Effect is not yet supported.
- Falcon, Traps, AoE effect is not supported yet.
- Visual on Double Attack, Critical Hit is not yet shown.
- World Map is not yet available.

What's new

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- Some stability Improvement
- Fixed status window not showing +stats and sometimes not showing guild name.
- Slightly adjusted status window ASPD display formula
- Fixed status window to show matk with tilde instead of plus
- Fixed guild crash due to increased MAX_GUILDPOSITION
- Fixed card stack disappearing after being compound even if amount>1
- Added skill shadows for some skill packets
- Fixed "not enough zeny" message for cash shops to "not enough kafra points".

Detailed info

  • File Size: 4.17MB
  • Current Version: 134
  • Update Time: Oct 28, 2016
  • Developer: Free2Play Asia
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  • Alvast
    played 1 hrs 58 mins

    If you miss the old classic Ragnarok Online, you may want to try this game. A private server made an android version of the game. You will re-start your journey back to episode 5 when City of Juno released. The GMs promoted that their server will be low rates and I see no trans jobs so far. The highest ones are second jobs with maximum level 99/50. The UI also quite neat for an old pc game goes to mobile. And of course, no auto in this game. This game app really brings nostalgia to me.

    • Richan

      is it working on your phone?

    • Alvast

      yes. I play this on Asus Zenfone Max Pro.

    • Michael Charles

      Always crash after finished download and extract files. Using K20 Pro

    • Alvast

      well sorry idk but thats not what happened to me. mine is working fine. maybe you should ask the GMs on their discord.

  • Helena Nandja N
    played 2 hrs 27 mins

    1.77 hours spent for downloading and the game didn't even load. it crashed immediately upon opening..

  • 手机用户97675187
    played 11 hrs 14 mins

    crashed at start

  • AceVentura07

    Downloading full game client 1 ~ 50 KB/s

    wtf !!!????

  • 84152343@Taper

    t the game does not work. download the client at 500kb .. when it finishes downloading it tells you that it is crashed

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