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The TW/HK server is official launched!
Language supports: 한국어, English, 中文(繁體), 中文(简体), 日本語

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
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  • No VPN Required
  • Android 5.1 and above


"Savior. You are the last hope for the humanity."
Be our savior and save the crumbling world.

▣ Beginning of Action Theories of Relativity.
Experience the real action that takes advantage of different combinations of equipment
and fellows relative to your enemy’s characteristics and vulnerabilities to attack them.

Your choice decides your action.
Enjoy Hundred Soul Packed with thrilling actions and battles.

▣ All about action. #100 Action Theories of Relativity

Action is relative.
Examine the essence of action through 100 Action Theories of Relativity in Hundred Soul.

Action Theory #1. Your equipment selection decides the action
- Try various battle styles utilizing up to 100 of diverse equipment.

Action Theory #2. Your fellow selection decided the action.
- Fellow is your comrade in the battlefield. Each fellow has different abilities and react differently to particular situations.

Action Theory #3. Your control skill decides the action.
- Action starts with your control. The best way to overcome extreme situations is using your control skill.

Action Theory #4. Timing decides the action.
- Chances are hard to come by. Pay attention to timing and don’t miss the decisive moment.

Action Theory #5. Your enemy’s behavior decides the action.
- Observe enemy behavior. Watch for a chance and deliver critical damage to your enemy.

▣ Appealing Graphics
See the realistic graphics pushed to the limit of Unity Engine.
Experience the world of Hundred Soul filled with tenaciously detailed graphics,
exquisite character motions, and dynamic visual directing.

[Access Permission]
This app needs access to the following permissions.

- Photos/Media/Files : Saves files to execute the game and to take and display screen shots and videos.
- Phone : For use of AppGuard for security of your phone.
- Contacts : Accesses contacts to look up account information for log-in.

You cannot play the game if you do not approve the access permissions.
After you approve the access permissions, you can revoke them in the following ways.
- Android v6.0 and higher: Settings > Application > Select App > Permissions > Turn permission off.
- Below Android v.60 : Uninstall the application or upgrade Android version to turn off permissions.

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Detailed info

  • File Size : 85.98MB
  • Current Version : 1.7.5
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Hound 13
Total Ratings:


  • Azayaka
    24.63 hrs on record

    What's code:00000003? Does that mean I can't play anymore.

  • [            ]
    55 mins on record

    close to perfect, only pandora's crafting rate is bit huge even tou crafting stories.

  • DontJudge Me

    Here's my ups and downs

    UPS: Good graphics, action combat, combos, story ain't half bad

    DOWNS: Thought it would be open world, witnessed a bug where knocked up combos will freeze enemies making my character stuck, tutorial was long.

    dont take this seriously

  • Redix Fix

    can this game be played with a Bluetooth controller. I kinda stop playing for a while and I want to get back to it.

  • Vladimír Režný
    173.98 hrs on record

    Excellent game!

  • Choice General

    動作 RPG《百魂戰記 Hundred Soul》大型團隊活動「騎士團爭奪戰」開打

    由韓國遊戲公司 Hound13 自行研發與營運的動作 RPG 手機遊戲《百魂戰記 Hundred Soul》,今(10)日改版開放大型團隊活動「騎士團爭奪戰」以及冷豔副官「絕對零度的冰魔女-葛蕾女士」,並於台港澳伺服器搶先推出全新「和服慶典時裝」與「萬福慶典活動」等內容。歡慶中秋節到來,官方也特別舉辦限時登入回饋,於中秋活動期間登入就能輕鬆獲得「傳說裝備」、「稀有輔助武器」、「約定的沙漏」等虛寶。

  • Feedback


    What is error code: - 1?

  • Choice General


    星石需求量很多,不推薦綠寶石抽星石要的太多了,主角傭兵都能鑲嵌星石。星石五種形狀, 正方形:加防禦,生命六角形:加攻擊力增福,暴擊傷害,屬性攻擊力增福菱形:加暴擊,攻擊力,屬性攻擊力圓形:加穿透,回怒,生命力增福,傷害減少五角形:加暴擊抵抗,屬性抵抗星石套裝效果有六種,只能配一套多了不會疊加。憤怒:開場回怒,8個連鎖加15%回怒 暗襲:加背擊傷害增福,8個連鎖加15% 逆天屬性 閃

  • Choice General



  • Choice General


    8章蝎子王作為目前版本的大boss集血防,攻擊,機動性於一身可以說是名副其實的版本老大。但是不管是啥總有個打法。蝎子王目前打法比較多,這裡只說一下要求比較低的打法。注意:本攻略不考慮輸出高低,血防多少,單純講武器隨從需求比較低,說樓主血厚掉血少的請繞道。視頻是無字幕的,技能分解在下面以文字說明,如果單純只是想熟悉技能,請看以下視頻↓↓↓ 破甲錘無隨從單刷蠍王(帶字幕) http://www



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