Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS
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Modern Combat Versus: New Online Multiplayer FPS

现代战争:尖峰对决 - 多人在线FPS游戏

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Drop into a free, fun online FPS that defines a new era of shooter games.

🏆 Android Excellence Game of 2018 🏆

Choose your Agent, master your role, and dominate the field of battle with your team. From skilled run 'n' gun attackers and covert assassins to team supporters and defenders, there’s an Agent for every style of warfare.

• Make every bullet count in 4v4 online multiplayer battles featuring a set of competitive team-based game modes.

• Play as 17+ specialized Agents, each equipped with unique guns and abilities!

• Create or join a clan to connect with players from around the world.

• Host Live Tournaments with custom lobbies, spectator mode, and in-game prizes!

• Go for the kill as you battle across 6 distinct maps ranging from close-quarters to long-range warfare. There’s multiplayer action around every corner.

• Compete in ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leagues where the warfare hits new heights of online action! Earn free prizes and prestigious rewards.

• Customize your Agents with cosmetic skins featuring unique designs and weapon camos.

• Pick up and play with groundbreaking, intuitive shooter controls that are perfectly designed for an FPS game.

• Get immersed in the action with the best console-quality FPS graphics featuring stunning visuals and effects.

If you’re a fan of online FPS battles, team-based shooter games, and run & gun warfare, then drop into the action for free! Download NOW!


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What's new

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Celebrate the holidays with a brand-new update and special content!

• 2 gold skins for fan-favorite Agents

• 18 holiday-themed weapon camos

• 10 festive Agent jerseys

• Various bug fixes and improvements

• Changes to improve general stability

• Improved controller support and the ability to remap button layout

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  • File Size : 55.69MB
  • Current Version : 1.15.8
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Gameloft
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Latest Version :8.3 Android:8.7
  • Jamal Alwy

    what different with other version?

  • Darwin Shio Est

    im giving this a 1 star playing this game for awhile now and i think im just playing with AI i got 67wins over 69 games and i tried to look and observe my enemies and yeah definitely AI

  • xGrizzialx
    2.27 hrs on record

    I've got to say this game has potential. It has good graphics, many characters, maps. But it is not easy to get characters. Aside that this game is pretty good

  • Haruuuu~

    Great game with lots of content. Solid controls, even without a gamepad, make this very enjoyable. frequent rewards and leveling events keep things moving, avoiding the felling of "grinding". The various agents help keep things fresh, providing wildly different battle styles. A nicely competitive community has shown up, making for some great matches. This game is a definitive milestone for mobile PvP shooters. YOU NEED THIS! (~_^)


    I actually enjoy the game, it's amazing how they made this available on mobile. Now if only they'd fix the bug. I keep getting disconnected if I press "play again". It loads the matching part, but it gets stuck there everytime and I get disconnected. If you look at my record, I've been penalized over a few dozen times because of this. Please fix it. After the update, the sensitivity settings seem to be off. Had to readjust and calibrate, but still couldnt get it to where it used to be.

    Ever since the update, half of my screen has a light black layer on it. Its frustrating when i cant see people because of it. Its too much of a distraction for me.Am i the only one that has thia issue? I hope the devs can recognize this and fix it as soon as possible. Still a great game though. Ps: it only shows when im in matchmaking, playing zombie mode does not trigger the issue.





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