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Pianista League Opening!
Now the best mobile rhythm game Pianista's league begins.
Show your best performance with the legendary classic composer in a 10-player league every day.

• Pianista is free to play, just download and enjoy it! (offered In-App purchase and Subscription)
• Legendary music pieces : Iconic pieces of classical music from world's greatest composers.
• Thumb optimized : easy to play with thumbs, allow to comfortable handheld play.
• Various Options : Pianista give options to play, 3 speeds and fade in-out options.
• Game for everyone : Challenge yourself by completing easy to extreme songs.
• Tour mode : Clear every stages of various music pack and become a virtuoso!
• Ranking system : Users globally compete each other through the ranking board in the Collection and the Tour.
• League mode : Compete with others in 10 men league. You can enjoy new songs in the league also.
• Prestige Membership : Subscribe and enjoy every song in Pianista freely. Coming with Daily reward.
• Piano Skin : Decorative skin item made with a masterpiece, 'Piano' also has additional effect for the play such as score bonus and extra life. Upgrade your piano and get more bonus!
• Composer level system : Play your favorite composer to get score bonus and to earn more gold.
• Music Pack : New songs added through a music pack system.
• Free Music Points: Watch Video Ads and get free music points!
• Messagebox : Receive and store various reward from the League and Prestige membership

How to Play
1. The Note will appear and come down.
2. When the note is aligned with the line, touch the note.
3. Holding Note : With a tail line note, hold it down until it is completed.
4. Glissando Note : When shiny notes appear in a row, use a sliding motion.
5. Accuracy is important! The more you touch accurately, the more points you get.

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-Login SDK Update-Minor bug fixes

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  • Thuận Trần

    Chilling time

  • 手机用户868000

    Hands down the best rhythm game for me. Just one request please make the game playable offline, like pretty please? Or just make a buy to play that can be played offline, I wouldn't mind paying at a reasonable price.

  • 영주

    클래식에 무지했던 나를 관심가지게 만든 리듬게임.

    굉장히 귀가 호강합니다. 아름다운 음악들이 많구나 다시 생각해보게 되고 리듬게임으로서 재미도 빠지지 않는다고 생각해요!

    꼭 해보시는걸 추천합니다😊

  • Rieveldt

    I love the game. The music are great. This is one of good rhythm games out there. Definitely worth to try although lots of songs are unlocked. Dunno how to unlock them all unless you top up which sucks. Hopefully they unlock more songs for free. I actually enjoy playing this game. Its challenging.

  • 手机用户83862


  • General


    大家好~這邊是胖丁 今天帶大家壹起體驗下Pianista鋼琴師這款音樂遊戲。 對於現在市場的音樂遊戲來說Pianista真的是壹股清流的存在。 不與其他二次元,流行音樂的音遊相同,Pianista是以世界最壹流的作曲家的曲子為主要基調,配合非常流暢清晰的背景特效跟無鍵盤的按觸操作,表現裏很好,壹樣可以與djmax壹樣玩的整個人都律動起來 在主頁選擇作曲家,進入選擇該作曲家歌曲來進行遊戲。我直接選擇



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