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JP Server Added

Developer notes:

Japan Server Launch

Welcome to the wonderful World of Orbis. I am excited to tell you about the Global Launch for Epic Seven.

■ New server and additional language support
We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new server as well as additional language support. The languages which will be supported are German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Players will be able to play in these new languages on all servers. To change your language, please go to the language tab in the media settings menu.

Editor notes

★ Epic Seven JP server launched

Epic Seven Global Version Grand Open!
Global Version Support Language: English, Chinese,German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 4.4 and above


And thus began the 7th World...
Diche, the Goddess of Life, summoned all of her waning power
and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant.
"My children, I entrust this world to you."

● A vast and engaging story
An epic for the modern age.
We invite you into the 7th World.

● Fully Playable 2D Animation
Dazzling skill animations in battle!
Cutscene-quality 2D animated graphics!

● Raid Labyrinth
In the depths of the Labyrinth, an ancient queen awakens from her slumber.
Embark on a monster hunt with incredible rewards.

● PvP Arena
Who will achieve fame and victory in the Arena?
Showcase your unique strategy to the world every season!

● For Guild and Glory!
Full of intense 3v3 battles, Guild Wars are here!
Work with your Guild members to become the strongest Guild!

※ Supported on Android 6.0 and above. Not supported on Galaxy S4 and under.
※ Epic Seven is available in English, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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[Configuring Permissions]
- Storage: Requires access to storage to attach files for Community Board, FAQ, and 1:1 Inquiry.

* Epic Seven has been developed to run on Android 6.0 and above with selective app permissions. If you're using a device with an Android version under 6.0, contact your device's customer support to see if they offer upgrades to your operating system. After upgrading you may want to manage the selective app permissions, which you can do from your device's settings menu.

[Manage and Revoke Permissions]

- Android 6.0 and above: Device Settings > Apps > Choose App > App Settings > Permissions
- Android 6.0 and under: Revoke permissions by deleting the app

Detailed info

  • File Size : 49.70MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.192
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Supercreative
Total Ratings:


  • ひろし
    176.30 hrs on record

    One of the best games you've ever played. Has good history, character designs and skills.

  • Neagirl75
    192.27 hrs on record

    the game is great and all but it gets super annoying after awhile of just doing nothing but grinding and wasting your precious time just to get disappointed so much and literally wanting to slam your phone on the wall.

    I mean it's good but it's system is out to get you.

  • Luan Thanh :3

    Farmer simulator, good story, beautiful char. Begin you will roll 30 times but when you see 5 stars champ, you have to comfirm because the game won't give you more than that. Enjoy the game, it good :3

  • Growing pains
    265.10 hrs on record

    這個遊戲倒是還算可以。 。畫風,玩法什麼的我都挺喜歡的。對於我這種月卡黨來說也還算和諧。三星戰神挺強的。沒有5星也能玩。

    但是,讓我最反感。也是認為最失敗的一點就是,裝備系統。真的太坑了。而且你tm把裝備系統設置的這麼複雜幹什麼? t級不明顯。詞條過於復雜。還是最噁心的隨機詞條隨機強化屬性。



  • 秋の憂鬱
    115.85 hrs on record







  • Choice General


    亲爱的圣约继承者们! 我是卡卡小编!  正义与信念的象徵,拉斯的可靠伙伴!  请试著遇见自然属性盗贼「维德瑞」!  二十年前的魔神战争结束后,维德瑞没有回到伊杰拉,反而开始寻找证据,想证实凯隆呈现给他的经历。但是他越寻找,【真相】就越是堕入五里雾中…现在就来观赏维德瑞的故事-「分辨真相的刀刃」! * 9月第4週更新的更新将不会进行维护作业,各游戏内容将会在标示的时间内自动开启, 请各位继承者们参考

  • Choice General


    亲爱的圣约继承者们!  我是卡卡小编!  野心勃勃的普兰特城主! 现在就试著遇见全新火焰属性骑士「莉莉亚斯」! 还有将靠近普兰特的危机当作机会重新展开自己梦想, 现在就去观赏莉莉亚斯的故事- 「踏上王者之路的人」!  * 9月第4週更新的更新将不会进行维护作业,各游戏内容将会在标示的时间内自动开启, 请各位继承者们参考一下。 1.  全新英雄「莉莉亚斯」登场 活用我军的攻击能力,给予对方高伤害

  • Choice General


    亲爱的圣约继承者们! 我是卡卡小编! Episode 2第四章魔法都市「巫师庇护所」即将开启! 一起来参与即将迎来最终章的「混乱的雷茵格尔满月祭」吧!  「卡萝」的转职英雄「研究者卡萝」即将登场!还有一位令人感到疑问的转学生也即将登场?!  在第七史诗中试著遇见用可爱的技能重新亮相的「安洁莉卡」吧! 在「考验殿堂」中新增了专属装备及全新首领。 「炼金术师之塔」中也新增了可炼製专属装备的功能! 除此

  • Choice General


    亲爱的圣约继承者们! 我是卡卡小编! 第七史诗最受欢迎的巨星!  「塔玛林尔」回来了!  以及支线故事「混乱的雷茵格尔满月祭」第二週的内容即将展开! 还有为了迎中秋而将会进行的中秋特别强化效果活动! 现在就立刻去确认以下详细内容吧!  * 9月第2週更新的更新将不会进行维护作业,各游戏内容将会在标示的时间内自动开启,请各位继承者们参考一下。   1.「塔玛林尔」召唤机率UP 利用变身为歌姬时使我


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