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Xiaomi's first fair-play Moba mobile game, creating a heavy classic Moba at your fingertips.

"Xiaomi Chaoshen" is a Moba mobile game developed by Suzaku Network and released by Xiaomi Interactive Entertainment. The game is mainly based on rich oriental legend heroes and 5v5 competitive gameplay. In addition to the operation mechanism that is in line with the habits of mobile phone users, at the same time it is easy to get started, it also perfectly interprets the gorgeous micro-operation and excellent awareness on the mobile terminal, showing the charm and true meaning of sports.
Fully optimized mobile terminal operation, easy to use
"Xiaomi Chaoshen" uses a unique dual-joystick smart cast in the battle operation, distinguishes mobile joystick and skill stick, and adds an intelligent cast mode to quickly lock the target and save tedious operations.

What's new

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update content:
1. Game icon update
2. Classic hero rework-Lu Meng;
3. Added Lumeng skin-video game brave;
4. The S10 season is settled, and the S11 season starts;
5. Adjustment within the battlefield;
(1) Add a blood tower to the battlefield
(2) Experience acquisition adjustment
(3) Wild area adjustment
(4) Adjustment of Honghuang Beast
(5) New element portals on the battlefield
(6) Map adjustment
6. On-hook detection optimization;
7. Added color weak mode;
8. Title system optimization;
9. Special effects system optimization;
10. Equipment data adjustment;
11. Hero data adjustment

Detailed info

  • File Size: 1.11GB
  • Current Version: 1.39.9
  • Update Time: Jul 3, 2019
  • Developer: 小米游戏
  • Official Website: View Detail
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Latest Version :6.0 Android:6.2
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  • John Earl Yrure
    played 3 hrs 11 mins

    Please make a lot of log in like FB OR GOOGLE ACCOUNT because QQ is not available in here in the Philippines really love your game

    But please make a English language because a lot of players like me are don't know how to read it Japanese or Chinese so please make a English language aim hoping that you guys make it or fixed this problem

  • User2362521
    played 2 hrs 44 mins

    ไอ้สัสเอ้ย... เกมส์มึงกูโหลดมาเสร็จติดตั้งเสร็จ.. พอกดเข้าเกมส์มันขึ้นให้โหลดจนถึง100%กูก้โหลดถึงแล้วแต่แม่งมันไม่ยอมไปไหนเลยติดแม่งยุจุดนี้มาเป็นชั่วโมงแล้ว.. ยังไม่ยอมเข้าเกมส์ให้ซะที.. แล้วแบบนี้กูต้องทำไงถึงจะได้เล่น..

  • Intan Styrni
    played 2 hrs 10 mins

    why i'm stuck in loading screen after updating patch?

  • James Davis
    8 mins played

    I'm obsessed with MOBA games 9 people play fortnite in America where I'm at I really like these games better cuz I have full control all I would like is it real to create my character with different effects in different abilities



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