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After the hitmen have taken out their target, somebody has to clear up the mess. That’s you. You’re a ‘cleaner’ for a secret government counter-terrorist organisation, tasked with disposing of the bodies, destroying all the evidence, and leaving no sign you were ever there.

Nobodies is a point-and-click puzzle adventure in which you must use your wits and resourcefulness to ensure your employers’ actions go undiscovered. You aid them in taking out key members of Q-100, a terrorist organisation hell-bent on unleashing horrendous experimental bioweapons on the world.

Blend in, get out, and most importantly, leave no bodies behind.

• Eleven murders to cover up: quick thinking and resourcefulness is essential to succeed in hiding the evidence.
• Packed with puzzles: each mission has a unique set of challenges to overcome, from classic inventory puzzles, to bespoke mindbending tasks.
• Multiple ways to solve a challenge: various ways to approach many situations, some more effective than others
• Hand-crafted art: almost one hundred distinct hand-drawn scenes to search and explore.
• Inspired by real events: what if the horrific human experiments of the 50s and 60s got into terrorist hands?

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  • File Size: 97.11MB
  • Current Version: 3.4.84
  • Update Time: Jun 28, 2020
  • Developer: Blyts
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Latest Version :8.2 Android:8.2
  • JUN

    탐정이 되어 미션을 클리어하는 추리 게임입니다.

    지원 언어는 한국어는 없지만, 게임 자체가 어렵지 않게 구성이 되어 있기 때문에, 충분히 영어로도 플레이를 하실 수 있습니다.

    각 스테이지는 한명의 탐정이 되어 사건을 해결하는 주인공이 되는데요. 만약 문제를 풀기 어려운 구간이 나온다면, 유투브에서도 다양한 공략이 있으니 참고하셔서 플레이를 하시는걸 추천드립니다~

  • Alexandre Cesar
    58 mins played

    anúncios durantes o jogo tira toda a experiência, deveriam colocar no começo ou no fim de cada parte.

  • 言猫

    It's a game that make you think before you act, because if you blindly go about it, there will be consequences (esp the meat grinder part). Wish it was longer, but otherwise I can't really say anything bad about this. It's a decent game, and I urge you to try it. Let's just say this game will prove to be useful irl. (โ◑ヮ◑)👉

  • Dobby

    A boring and monotonous game. Passing it will not be difficult, even if you just poke the screen! I recommend playing only after passing games similar in genre !!!

  • Royalflare

    It's not like the traditional puzzle detective game, where you have to find a way to hide the dead body and destroy the evidence, which is very interesting. In fact, it's still a puzzle game that you search for key items and brainstorm as put in the right place, but at the end of the case all you have to do is to hide or destroy the dead body and get away safely because you're probably being monitored.

    A well-designed game, tho the gameplay is no difference. I like where you know the case before you enter the level, more like you are preparing for the next campaign.



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