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Monsters from space trapped the world’s greatest heroes in technomagic crystal. Now it’s up to you to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and take back your planet - one break at a time - in this cartoon-inspired, Hero Collector RPG built as a passion project by a small team at Epic Games.

SAVE THE KINGDOM - Monsters have infested every corner of the kingdom. Explore over 1000 dungeons across volcanoes, forests, glaciers, and more.

BIG BOSSES, EPIC BRAWLS - Unleash massive attacks and special abilities to take down bosses and smash through legions of monsters.

ASSEMBLE THE PERFECT TEAM - With the Battle Pass, Skybreaker Quests, and the Hero Store, you have the power to build the team you want.

HUNDREDS OF HEROES - Collect an arsenal of powerful heroes ready to fight to save the world.

CROSS-PLATFORM - Game saves seamlessly transfer across mobile and PC.

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* New Pet Summoning System!* One free energy refill per day!* 5-Star Heroes can be Supercharged to 6-Star!* Faster Mines runs!* New Skills Panel!* Tons of bug fixes and UI improvements!

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  • File Size : 91.31MB
  • Current Version : 1.80.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Epic Games
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  • RelTsuyu

    The story is meh and the levels are too easy even with low star heroes

    The UI seems old and some of the art look bad on my big IPad Pro screen

    The monetization seems decent as you constantly get free characters and currency

    There is also a battle pass which main purpose is to give you early access to new heroes and gets you some free goodies also

    The overall game leaves much to be desired

  • Valentine

    Has anyone else noticed both the Google Play listing and Facebook page have been completely removed? This is extremely questionable for a game that was recently released, especially by a major developer.

    Epic Games created the engine that built this game. You cannot get any closer to an expert on it than that. So why, with such a qualified developer, does this game feel like it was made by beginners?

    There is no support for camera cutouts, you have to use some sloppy web UI to log into a proprietary account, and the game is animated with Live2D.

    This is where on these games would present some highly detailed UI with great music. This one opted to present some mediocre UI with average music. You complete a simple tutorial with a bland story and the game becomes a fully automated Digimon knockoff.

    It is not very impressive to accomplish what mobile has been doing since 2016, but don't blame Epic. They are only slapping their name on someone else's game. Maybe if they take responsibility for more than profits it will improve one day.

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  • BusterSenpai
    72.13 hrs on record

    u guys need download the epic store

  • User2163253

    i cant even download the game lol

  • 随机昵称





    最後,我在這個epic games遊戲公司的官網上看到了這麼一條介紹“目前與騰訊開展交流合作”...未來會如何,猶未可知

    補充三點:一,這個遊戲沒有新手引導,在地圖上有的時候你根本不知道該干什麼。 。


    三,突破英雄等級限制太難了! 。 。


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