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Arcaea – 创新立体节奏游戏

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The combination of unique style and arcade gameplay, the game gives you the experience will be different from the traditional sound tour, novel and three-dimensional.
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3D rhythm game

"The pure white light of harmony is waiting for you in the melody struggle of the lost world."

Touch, press and slide with the melody in this challenging arcade-style music game; listen to songs written by composers from around the world headed by Japan!

Experience the new note type "Acoustic Arc": Use the screen space to slide and follow the flowing melody. Lose yourself in the lost world where the light and struggle are intertwined.

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Arcaea is a year old!
- Add a new free song "Blaster" to celebrate this moment with everyone
- Start a limited time promotion sale with the specified track pack and paid song (Memory Archive)!

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  • File Size : 407.57MB
  • Current Version : 2.4.7
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: lowiro
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Latest Version :9.5 Android:9.7
  • Fenris

    PROS - Gorgeous backgrounds, amazing music selection, unique partners, constant new content added, online/offline modes, premium songs only cost 1-5 dollars, many collaborations, a music genre for every type of music lover, and many achievements!

    CONS - Slow to progress in story (World) mode, setting the synchronization for notes is a bit confusing, restrictions sometimes force you to play the same song many times in a row (which gets frustrating after hearing the same song over and over)

    I've been playing Arcaea since release, and I still continue to enjoy it as much as when I first installed it! I've played a lot of other rhythm games (even the ones that have collabed with this one) and Arcaea just beats them all. Something about Arcaea's aesthetic and layout are far more pleasant to look at/the other rhythm games I find way too cluttered.

    Another thing that Arcaea seems to excel in is the playlist. I usually delete these types of games because I find the songs unappealing. But I can't stop buying these songs because I love them so much! People may complain that some of the songs are too hard, and I'd have to agree, but I'm loving the challenge! It makes you feel accomplished to get a perfect score on a song like Halcyon.

    94.97 hrs on record

    Very very so much all things impressive, awesomeness, best

  • Thành

    really nice rhmthy games. I enjoy playing this game so much

  • User2034519

    Awesome.It1s a chellenger.

  • Sky Cold
    42.43 hrs on record




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