Little Commander 2: Global War
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Little Commander 2: Global War

小小指挥官2: 全面战争

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Welcome to "Little Commander 2: Global War", the tower defense game with the most players ever. In this game, those mysterious technologies during World War II will be disclosed, and dozens of commanders are waiting for your assignment. Choose your defense towers and fight right now!In this unparallel war, you can compete with your enemies using your wisdom and the most cutting-edge technologies; you can grab territory and resources together with players from all over the world on your side. Investigate, dispatch and lineup your tower defense, destroy your enemy and rule the world!
Features of the game:
-Destroy your enemy, grab resources and rule the world with players from all over the world!
-Upgrade your defense towers and technologies, and add modules to your towers using resources grabbed from battles.
-You can allocate strategy points in the command center to further enhance your power.
-A total of 19 high-tech towers for unlocking and upgrading.
-You will have 10 World War II commanders, who can help you strengthen your tower property.
-A total of 100 battles at 3 levels of difficulty are waiting for you to challenge.
-The tower defense game gives you the most diamonds ever. You can earn free diamonds through many ways, such as accomplishment of main quest, game rewards, battle clearance, building demolition, medal collection and so on.
-The tower defense game offers you the most combinations ever. Each tower defense combination has 2 attack modes in the beginning. You can combine a variety of modes freely, including deceleration, refraction, headshot, detection, radiation and so on.
-A total of 60 types of basic modules and 20 types of special modules with attack effects.

What are you waiting for? Use your wisdom to show your talent in this war! Grab territory and participate in the Sky Ladder PK, the game exclusive to tower defense masters are waiting for you to join!

What's new

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1. The increase in the chat interface English automatic translation
2. Optimize attendance award
3. Repair celestial additional laser range can hurt errors
4. Stand-alone mode checkpoints increased gold exchange function
The current wave number of inconsistencies Question 5. repair the actual number of enemy waves and display

Detailed info

  • File Size : 71.45MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.5
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Cat Studio HK
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