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Alice: Love & Murder-datingsim

爱丽丝 爱恋与解谜

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A dark suspence romance story based on Alice in Wonderland!
What will await you in this sad yet beloved unusual world?◆◇◆STORY◆◇◆
You lived a suffocating life until one day the door to Wonderland suddenly appears in front of you with a girl named “Alice”.
Once in Wonderland, you’re tasked with looking for the murderer of The Queen of Hearts!?
The three suspects are The White Rabbit, The Hatter and The Cheshire Cat.
As you spend time with them you slowly uncover the mystery behind the murdering and the identity of the culprit.
When you discover the truth, will you go back to your world “Reality” or will you decide to remain in “Wonderland” falling in love with a dangerous man?
The destiny of this sad yet beloved world is in your hands —
Lord of the House of Spades (Love of Protection)
The White Rabbit
Former butler of The Queen of Hearts. He is neither on good terms with The Cheshire Cat nor The Hatter.
He’s very gentlemanly but also has a ruthless side to him.
“I will never forgive anyone hurting you, not even this beautiful rose.”
Lord of the House of Diamonds (Love of Freedom)
The Cheshire Cat
A man full of mysteries but with a very bright personality.
He charms people with sweet words, his mesmerizing eyes and his incessant smile.
“Such a cute reaction, I like it! Now I want to touch you even more~”
Lord of the House of Clubs (Love of Conquest)
The Hatter
A mysterious man who keeps his cards close to his chest.
Despite admitting to being a sadistic, there are occasions where he can be sweet and gentle.
“Oh? You don’t want me to do this? Very well, I’ll touch you there to my heart’s content.”
Other major characters including March Hare, the Dormouse, Bill the Lizard, the Catepillar and the Queen of Hearts - and of course Alice - are also waiting for you in this new Wonderland of a modern Alice!
You’ll be awarded free jewels that you can use to read the story once per day.
Depending on your choices the characters’ affection will change.
There are three endings you can obtain depending on the level affection you have with the characters.
Don’t miss on the 9 endings, colored graphics and the full story!
"Alice: Love & Murder" is the second part of the series. The popular first part "Alice: Love & Labyrinth" is already released.
Since they are parallel worlds, you can enjoy the two stories out of order.
Note 1: A lot of features would require internet connection. Please start the app with stable network environment. You can get FREE Jewels by connecting to the internet!
Note 2: "Alice: Love & Murder" is a free-to-play app, but fees may apply to some of the contents. We need your support in order to bring more quality games for everyone!
■■ Recommended if you… ■■
“Koyonplete apps” is recommended for you if…
・You like movies, dramas, manga, anime, comic or novels that are about romance.
・You like ikemen romance games, love games, girl games, or romance/drama apps.
Aside from what's on this list, there is a lot of content for everyone to enjoy!!

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