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◆Over 3,000,000 Downloads Worldwide!◆

[Blustone 2 Game Introduction]
Blustone 2, a refreshing and revolutionary tap action game available for smartphones and tablets! Take off in this animated adventure RPG experience, with over 60 unique hunters full of personality!

[Available in Game]
■ Hunter Guild: Fight alongside comrades as guildmates
■ Boutique: Show off some flair and individuality with outfits
■ Fight Club: Test your team against the world through PVP battles
■ Suspicious Shop: Recruit more Hunters and collect traces
■ Ice Fishing Area: Reel in rare, exotic and valuable fish

■■■■■ Blustone 2 Features ■■■■■

■ Attack by tapping in a fast-paced battle
Every tap attacks the enemy and taps in succession can bring even more damage and powerful attacks.

■ In-game animations and cinematics
Each character skill comes with in-game animations and cinematics for select special moves!

■22 Top Class Voice Actors for in-game interactions
From Rie Takahashi, who voiced Emilia in Re:Zero, to other famous voice actors like Maria Naganawa, Maki Kawase, Ayaka Fukuhara, Hiroyuki Kagura along with 22 voice actors dubbing the game and further interactions in the game!

■ A Boundless World
Experience a rich storyline and vast world created from the minds of White Island and BTB.

■ Costumes to bring out individuality
Unique characters can be customized and given new appearances through the “Boutique.” Gather, pick and choose the outfits for your stylish team!

■ Recruit Hunters and Get Stronger!
RECRUIT Hunters and Level Up!
TRAIN your hunters and UPGRADE their equipment at the Hunter Gym!
Reach your hunters maximum potential through gameplay!

■ All Together at Blustone!
Join or create guilds to work together to help each other in Blustone!

* This game is only available for Android OS 4.4W or above.

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- Game optimization/ Improved Stability
- Other bug fixes

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Android:8.1 iOS:7.8
  • Haruuuu~

    I'm loving a lot of things about this! The character growth is great, as well as the animations and fantasy. one of my favorite parts is meeting a new character. what a beautiful way to be inclusive with the main character learning more and starting their opinion on each member. getting good characters isn't too hard and the battle system is fun yet quixk. Also love the graphics as well. I was a little annoyed main couldn't be female :D, but I'll accept staying male for the good story line!.

  • Kyal Taryar

    blueface baby. I wanna see you bus down

  • User1505859

    Blueface baby, I wanna see you bus down

  • JUN

    게임플레이도 나쁘지않고 가챠 확률도 꽤 괜찮은 편이라 큰문제 없이 즐길 수 있지만 성장시스템이 뭔가 여러모로 힘들게 해놓은것같아요... 각성하기 넘힘드러..과금러에게 상당히 유리한 게임이 아닌가 생각됩니다.

    그래픽이나 게임 플레이 방식은 지루하지 않고 오랜시간 플레이를 할 수 있을것 같다는 생각이드네요. 시즌2도 흥하기를 바랍니다!

    遊戲從第一季開始玩過。雖然, 玩法方面長時間玩起有點類,但是遊戲本身還不錯。特別是畫風和每個角色故事非常好。可以期待結晶、裝備相關變更事!

  • JOE





    • Zoe


    • JOE


    • Zoe


  • Official General

    [公告] 結晶、裝備相關變更事項預告

    各位隊長好, 我是SmileV。   今天要公告關於獵人裝備, 以及鑲嵌結晶的變更事項。   本次變更事項將彌補裝備及結晶影響力不足的問題, 使隊長們在沒有聘請到高級獵人的情況下, 也可以透過強化裝備和結晶, 培養出優秀的獵人。   本次變更事項對已持有的結晶同樣有效。   變更詳情如下:   <變更時間> 9月5日後生效   <變更詳情> - 裝備 : 裝備能力值將在原有能力值的基礎上上調50%

  • Official General

    [更新] 新內容! “公會爭奪戰”系統介紹

    來自官方的公告: 隊長們, 大家好! 我是SmileV。   今天要為大家說明不久前介紹過的新內容-"公會爭奪戰"! 以下為內容詳情。   # 什麼是公會爭奪戰? - 公會間為爭奪新發現的邁特倫露天礦場而展開的激烈戰鬥。 - 爭奪戰將為期一週, 各公會可善用公會成員間擁有的獵人展開戰鬥。 - 公會爭奪戰和海市蜃樓遺跡一樣, 擁有的所有獵人皆可能被使用。強力的獵人越多, 越有利於戰鬥, 請盡量強化

  • General


    轉自半顆肉包子的貼文 1.我現在加入會不會差其他人太多會不會有進度跟不上的問題 這遊戲繁中化約一個月了推出的時候是在5月 所以有蠻多國外的高等玩家   不過不用怕落後其他人太多 這遊戲其實早進晚進 沒有太大的差別 差別在競技場的名次跟一些異色版角色而已 不過競技場的獎勵花時間慢慢農也農得出來   2.這遊戲到底要不要刷首抽 首先提到一件事 這遊戲目前總共有36隻角色 1 2 3星角  只有原生三

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