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Poke Monster

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Next level of Adventure Game is now here! For all of you that love to collect and train thousands of monsters with different elements is real. Join us and become the greatest Monster Trainer ever in history!

*Poke Monster Features*

-Train your Monsters-
Catch and train your monster make them stronger! Raise your monsters level and evolve them to beat other monster.

-Gym Battle-
Attack or Defend? The choice is in trainer’s hands. Know the weaknesses/strengths of your monster and the enemy to win all battles!

Are you the best trainers? We are using badge system is here, can you prove it with challenge all Gym to get the badges?

Start your journey with a unique storylines, monster that you bring into adventure also important to choose. Choose them wisely!

*Hunting Ground*
If you can survive, you could can catch legendary monster to help you beat other trainer!

*Features and Events*
Daily events and new adventure are waiting for you with massive rewards!

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General improvement for better experience & various bug fix

Detailed info

  • File Size: 222.59MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Update Time: Sep Fri, 2017
  • Developer: Horn Slash Studio

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