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  • 龙龙



  • Shwazer
    played 1 hrs 27 mins

    Why keep coming out all of a sudden even though this tutorial is the game and can't continue to go out suddenly and stop. Please fix this problem Developers.



  • 那由多

    ゲームの非常に高品質のCGは、コンテンツは、ゲーム空間は非常に大きいゲームの非常に上部で、ゲームは素晴らしいバーをしました(1•ㅂ•)و✧ゲームをプレイします生活、女の子品質は絶対に他のゲームを比較することができていない、ところで、音楽の内側に私の最も好きなゲーム音楽で、自身がこれを行うことができますでもゲームは良い漫画です! ! ! !

    • 那由多


    • User2672697




    ai biết cách lưu tài khoản không. chỉ mình với, mình liên kết tk với google rồi mà khi tải lại vẫn mất hết dữ liệu. mỗi lần cập Nhật là mỗi lần chơi lại từ đầu

  • User2647266
    played 38 hrs 14 mins


  • Cirno with Nep

    Oh... More budget burning game? Let's Freaking play it!

  • loganzegamer

    i love this game, it is amazing how you can interact with all the anime girls and able to use them in battle! and when the re zero event kicked in i knew i had to give this game a shot! and it's awesome! keep it up! i love this game and it needs to stay, just 1 question, will there be an English translation?

  • User2460810
    2 mins played

    为什么我打不开啊 直接黑屏闪退

  • Angeloid Astrae
    37 mins played

    good game

  • black star

    fake ip sang đâu mới chơi đc vậy mm

  • George Jr Dela

    Pls update the game, i cant download it on googleplay

  • Raph23

    why I can't get into the game? if i open it.. the game force close

    where location should I use on my ***?

    then, after force close the game redirect to the gmail?

  • Hồ Thức

    Game không cập nhập còn bắt người chơi cập nhập trên CH Play ??? dell hiểu kiểu j

  • User3978573


  • Karma Kuzikarin

    Really hope for global version ASAP

  • Gui Ming


    • 森林的王者



  • Onii-chan

    i watch the anime and it's amazing. but where is the mc who lost his memories.

  • Otoshigami//G.U

    How much is the full size..?

  • Lqlipop910

    I hope have English Language

  • Samid Nifla

    doesnt required *** anymore, isnt it ?

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