CarX Highway Racing

CarX Highway Racing

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CarX Highway Racing is among a few racing games based on a realistic physical model which gives you an unprecedented driving experience.

Face numerous rivals, escape from the relentless police, and discover un unlimited number of new highways.

You will plunge in a world full of adrenalin, sport cars and high speed highways!

Particular features:
- Controlled by CarX Engine
- High-quality car models
- Detailed environment with changing day and night
- Uncompromising rivals with AI elements
- Lively traffic and relentless police
- Various game modes
- Campaign mode, missions and tasks

The only rule here is to be the first one to cross the finish line.

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- Overall optimization and bug fixing.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 366.75MB
  • Current Version : 1.67.2
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: CarX Technologies
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Latest Version :8.4 Android:8.5
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    -Easy to learn hard to master

    -Offline and Online



    -Either pay or grind endless

    -Bad balance in online races

    -Overall kinda boring nothing new in this game


    Conclusion: A nice game for playing on the side but dont expect much its like a hot cola drinkable but not the best by a long shot

  • Dukes Gaming


  • Royalflare

    ah..CarX series racing, I will think it at least 4 stars because each serie is just so good. A fast-furious racing in the urban street, under the overpass, or like racing on the ridgeway, there are heaps of different racing tracks.

    And you not just trying to beat your challengers, but also make sure not hit other cars on the way, because you may get caught by the cops, they are just like prowl in GTA-like game, annoying chasing you until you finish the lap.

    Still a great graphic quality plus you will enjoy furious racing and cops pursuit, quite like a light version of Need For Speed ah..

  • Sawal Joey


  • JUN

    그래픽이 상당히 뛰어난 게임입니다. 물론 레이싱 게임중 가장 으뜸인 아스팔트 시리즈나 니포 시리즈 보다는 조금 떨어 질 수는 있으나 (개인적인 생각) 게임 자체 드리프트나 급 커브 모션 등 모든 부분에서 상당히 뛰어난 작품이네요.

    이전에 오버롤 작동하는 버그도 수정이 되었고, 차량 마다 보여지는 느낌이나 조작감 모두 높은 점수를 드립니다.

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