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Sausage Man is a battle royale game, stylized to the likenings of PUBG and Fortnite.
The only difference? Well, rather than embodying humans, this time you're in control of a sausage.

Control systems in Sausage Man are complex. Not unlike any other kind of battle royale style game. Thankfully, they're also well-adapted to touchscreens. Towards your left, you'll find a movement crosspad and access to your stock of items. Whist on your right, you'll find buttons designed to help you crouch, jump, pick up cars, open doors, point, recharge and of course shoot.

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Latest Version :8.9 Android:8.2
  • 소시지맨 업데이트 정리, 신규 콘텐츠 소개

    【점검시간】 2019년4월11일 중국시간 00:00 - 2019년4월11일 중국시간 02:00 【버전 업데이트 보상】 v 7.58버전 업데이트 보상【캔디 × 30】 【보상 대상】 2019년4월11일 중국시간00:00이전에 캐릭터를 생성한 유저 【획득방법】 업데이트이후 메일함 확인 【v 7.58업데이트 정보】 업데이트 정보: 1、단체 낙하 기능 추가 시작할

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    亲爱的香肠岛民们: 距离香肠岛的大版本更新已经有一周的时间啦 不知道大家在新版本里玩耍得开不开心呀~ 为了能了解大家在《香肠派对》新版本中的体验情况 我们特地准备了一份小小的问卷调查,只要大家动动手指就能完成啦! 完成问卷自然是少不了福利(敲黑板!敲黑板!敲黑板!!!) 注意,只要完成本次问卷调查并填写正确的正式服游戏ID,就能获得【甜甜圈 × 20】的奖励哦~ (炸鸡还会随机抽取 10 名玩家获

  • Need help in changing the graphic

    Till my smartphone a bit old so I want to get the best performance in this game. So can someone help me to turn off the shadow and make the game smoother ( get higher FPS ) ? p/s: I can't speak chines

  • this game is have hacker :<<

    I see very much hacker in this game

  • Does this version have English

    I already play this but would like to use an English version....


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