Night of the Full Moon
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Night of the Full Moon


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New Class "Werewolf"

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Willing to adulthood we still remember the beginning of the heart, like Little Red Riding Hood as brave and warm
No matter how dark the way forward, never give up my heart so that you can finally pursue the light.
On the full moon night, reunite with your grandmother.
For the candlelight of the years, for a good ending

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"Night of the Full Moon" is a stand-alone card game. There is no mandatory beginners guide, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes. The plot will be played in the card battle. Each NPC and BOSS are given a mission and a temperament. Different choices will bring different endings.

In order to find the missing grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest, where it was always dark and night. She is about to face the guardian of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the strange villagers and the truth that slowly surfaced...
On the full moon night, the mysterious veil of the Black Forest will be unveiled one by one...

* Mild strategy turn-based card battle
* Five occupations, more than 400 cards free to match
* Ninety-two mysterious opponents await your challenge
* Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure
* Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage

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A Festival Update
April Fool’s Day is about to come. Here we make a new festival card for each character. You can get them during normal playthrough. But, why do these cards look so weird?

B Experience Optimization
2.1 Newly adds the toggle feature for themed cover. Now you can toggle the collector edition cover manually.
2.2 Changes the priorities of the combination of Knight Skill and Rally Horn.
2.3 Fixed visual bug of Man in a Flask

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  • Developer: 滴答工作室
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Latest Version :8.9 Android:8.8
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    大家好,我們是宅在家的小紅帽: 宅家生活轉眼間已經兩週,一個突如其來的邀請打破了以往的平靜: 「親愛的小紅帽: 雖然在這段特殊的時期無法見面,但仍希望可以邀請小紅帽明天在線上一同前往黑森林冒險共同度過這個特別的日子。                               小木匠  2020.2.13」 It's a date!小紅帽們沸騰了!騎士,遊俠,女巫,修女,魔術師,藥劑師,契約師

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  • Choice General


    說在最前面,本帖鏈接所有的數據來源於S_子群大佬整理。感謝子群大佬!至於為啥不是子群來發呢?懶(劃掉) 倒推了全職業的子群睡jio了……所以我只是做一個搬運工.jpg 以下為子群原話: 卡牌價格以噩夢7為準,噩夢1-5的卡牌會稍微便宜一點。 (鴿砸:便宜約8%) 卡牌價格分為幾個檔次:5、11、16、27、43、54、70、86、103、119。其中,價格小於等於43的可以在任意章節出現,稱為“

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    各位卡牌大師新年好,我們是藥劑師&修女小紅帽: 在這個特殊的假期裡,無需慌張,不要嘆氣,小紅帽和你在一起。以下是給各位卡牌大師們的幾點小建議: A:預防不串門,勤洗手,戴口罩,常通風B:休息正常作息,適當運動,充足睡眠C:心態積極放鬆,不信謠言,關愛他人,保護自己什麼?你說宅在家裡無聊? ↓不妨來看看契約師版本推薦攻略 契約師推薦攻略: 契約師流派淺析 BY: 鴿砸O_0  給萌新的

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    大家好,我是臨時工小紅帽: 這個鏈接用來放春節活動的,公開後開放回复。





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