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Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm 恶果之地

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Developer Notes:

Juicy Realm 是我们团队制作的第一款游戏,我们正在全力完善游戏内容,希望明年上旬可以同步推出PC和主机版本,为我们带来一个好的开始。

其实我们团队只有我和biboX 2个人,能遇到Taper们并和你们分享我们游戏的制作过程也成了一件我们工作之余很开心的事情。关于手游版本的进度,我们会在明年Q1完成游戏内容后立即着手。欢迎同学们关注我们的微博(@JuicyRealm恶果之地)和TapTap页面,日常鞭策我们两位。


Editor notes

"Juicy Realm" is now available for purchase!
"Juicy Realm" will expect to purchase on May 4, the price is US$2.99
There will be a limited time discount from 5.4 ~ 5.17, the price will be US $1.69
"Juicy Realm" is Tap exclusive premium game (paid)

Juicy Realm Discord:  https://discord.gg/6bf7MXd

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Juicy Realm
About the Game
Juicy Realm is a roguelike game with fruits as enemies. It is set in a world in which the line between animals and plants is blurred. It began with the tipping of the food-chain, which forced the humans to establish an outpost and begin an investigation in the region where the first species of mutated plants was discovered. The military has prepared a vast number of powerful weapons, with you leading the vanguard forces to wage this long war.

Subverted Order
“Many years later, when the humans watch as the plants climb up to the top of the food chain, they will be reminded of their own naivety and arrogance…”
Only when all the plants started to evolve into animals, growing limbs and becoming sentient, did the humans realize the threat of those photosynthetic-lifeforms. No one knows how they achieved the state of evolution that took animal lifeforms millions of years to reach in such a short amount of time, and no one knows their ultimate objective. The only thing known for sure is that the humans now face the greatest challenge since they climbed up to the top of the food chain.

As the first explorers of this unknown region, you must strive to venture deep into the enemy hive, defeat all kinds of fruits and arm yourself with various equipment, as well as upgrade yourself with the resources you find in your way.

Game Features
-Rougelite elements such as random terrains, loot drops, and monsters
-Hundreds of special and bizarre weapons and items
-Loads of unique mod enemies and bosses
-10 characters in the roster with unique skills and abilities
-Unique artstyle with rich details

Twitter: /@XDNetworkInc
Facebook: @XDNetworkInc
Press contact: juicyrealm@xindong.com

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  • File Size: 228.74MB
  • Current Version: 3.1.2
  • Update Time: Jul 23, 2020
  • Developer: 心动网络
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  • iimitan

    Can say, this game succeeded in makes me stunned.

    - First, the art quality of this game cannot be doubted.

    - Secondly, the excitement of the adventurous gameplay challenges me to non-stop playing. Don't forget that there are a vary of charas with their respective abilities that can be used.

    - Third, this game is offline, has light performance, and doesn't take up much space.

    - Last I forgot to mention, It'll be good if each weapon can only be used specifically for a few heroes, because if all heroes can use all weapons as well, it feels the same as wanting to use any type of hero, the only difference is the passive skill of each charas. That's all.

    But still, I would recommend it and I admit the price of the game is worth it with its unique gameplay.

  • lily sex
    played 30 hrs 17 mins


  • 셰로
    56 mins played

    결제..쉽긴한데 구지..... 독점인가해서 아쉽네요

    게임은 재미있다는 소식들었는데 게임은재미있게하겠습니다

  • begleri
    played 5 hrs 19 mins

    will this be a multiplayer/coop game like in pc version?

    • Ccion

      for solo only (for now)

      like soul knight

  • Levy Matoz
    47 mins played

    liberado e comprado com sucesso :)

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