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They stole your Coins! Join the Vikings in their amazing journey of building the biggest empire that was ever built.Travel through time to magical places and battle friends and foes for Viking domination.
Spin, attack, raid and build on your way to a Viking empire!
• Be the Coin Master!
• Play with your friends
• Raid other player's villages and gain their fortune!
• Shield up and protect your belongings
• With every village you conquer your wins will be greater
• Play with millions of other players, raid hundreds of enemy bases for loot
• Fight back and come out victorious against your enemies
• Compete with your friends over the Coin Master title
• Choose your own unique viking Avatar
• Strike your friends villages and destroy their creations
The most exciting and thrilling free slots game on mobile, tablet and Facebook!
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Spin great rewards and find awesome treasures in 3 new villages! Travel the great savannas of Africa, dive under the sea and visit Atlantis, travel in time and conquer The Future village!
Can you reach them before your friends?

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  • File Size : 58.89MB
  • Current Version : 3.5.35
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  • OS: 4.0.3及更高版本
  • Developer: Moon Active
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