7 Years From Now
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7 Years From Now


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Developer notes:

7 years, only for the miracle that can meet you.

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You can buy DLC, EP, last story, etc. via Wechat or Alipay

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7 years ago, I lost my memories...
But there is one promise I can never forget--

"I'll be waiting for you, 7 years from now..."
A promise with someone I have no recollection of

To find the missing pieces of my memory
And to fulfill my promise I made that day
I came back to this town--

Game Explanation
The main character has lost his memories from a certain incident 7 years ago.
The story starts with him coming back to his hometown during the spring break.

▼What kind of game is it?
It is a story-based RPG game. There is no combat in this game.

▼Is it free to play?
This game is completely free to play until the end.
There are no limitations or restrictions in terms in place.
※There are certain purchasable post-story content available.

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  • File Size : 114.79MB
  • Current Version : 1.4.3
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 扑家工作室
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  • haji King

    One of the best game I have played wow

  • Royalflare

    This game is impressive to me and amazing. It is not just about inside feeling of love or family like most thinking, it also disclose how tough these little boy and girl are suffering.

    I won't make detailed spoiler here, but these two are all suffer disease, and experiment. What happen to them, who made this experiment and why they suffering (especially the girl, Aoi. She's so poor) There is a big suspense behind, is absolutely worth you seek out.

    Anyway, this game's story is terrific, this game does not need a beautiful art style, the pixel style is great on showing.

    PS: The background setting of boy and girl with disease reminds me a Visual Novel game: Narcissu, although they are in different stories and endings, the spirit of their heart connect together deeply impress me.

  • 🐵🐶🐶🐶🐶
    24 mins on record






  • 手机用户1185331

    Definitely 10/10 rating for this game. the story telling was perfect definitely perfect

  • Ida

    how can i change language to english?

  • Official General

    遊戲推薦專題| 解謎/脫出遊戲推薦,包括《古城公主》,《像素小屋》,《我要翹班》等風格各異的作品~

    上期推薦——催淚遊戲專題本期推薦的作品為脫出/解謎類作品哦!撲家像素風解謎新作《像素小屋》還有在進行周邊製作~ 目前投票還沒截止,大家可以關注咱們的公眾號進入投票,在公眾號回复(逃脫)即可獲取以下作品的下載地址!注:在微信投票,在微信投票,在微信投票話不多說,就先開始介紹吧! 1.輕鬆愉快的生存解謎遊戲《黏土無人島》 本作流程不是特別長,但內容很豐富,不斷去探險,撿東西回來合成,開闢新

  • Choice General

    [流程合集] 我在七年後等著你

    前略,感謝撲家對這款遊戲的代理。我永遠喜歡撲家!由於tap目前暫時還沒有一個理想的視頻分P功能,為了方便申精,還是搞了這麼一個合集貼。老樣子,如果你看過視頻之後感覺遊戲不出,還請多多支持正版,尊重作者的權益。尤其是對官方禁止的“上傳付費DLC部分視頻”這種行為說不。 b站地址:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av64259397 tap分P: part1:http

  • Feedback


    how to change language to english?

  • Choice General


    歡迎點進來!可以叫我『螢』,帖子主要為介紹《我在七年後等著你》與一些科普,目的是讓萌新能大致了解一下這個遊戲!上半部分不含劇透,下半部分有輕微劇透,中間有分割線給於緩衝效果,所以可以放心食用,如果有不對或者不足的地方歡迎大佬補充!蟹蟹你的閱讀!我真心喜歡這款“遊戲” —— 由日本獨立遊戲開發人fumi製作的《我在7年後等著你》現在由『撲家工作室』漢化代理正式上架Tap啦!其實

  • Official General


    自2017年10月左右《7年後》試玩版上線以來便廣受好評, 到2019年8月8日,完整版(帶DLC和結局)上線後,更是獲得諸多好評如題,這是《 7年後》的同人作品匯總貼,也歡迎粉絲看到好的同人作品, 在評論下告訴我們哦,長期更新! ——————————————————————————————————————————— 【同人圖】 2017年: P站/推特精選同人圖包羅萬象的17年版《7年後》各類




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