7 Years From Now
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7 Years From Now


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7 years, only for the miracle that can meet you.

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7 years ago, I lost my memories...
But there is one promise I can never forget--

"I'll be waiting for you, 7 years from now..."
A promise with someone I have no recollection of

To find the missing pieces of my memory
And to fulfill my promise I made that day
I came back to this town--

Game Explanation
The main character has lost his memories from a certain incident 7 years ago.
The story starts with him coming back to his hometown during the spring break.

▼What kind of game is it?
It is a story-based RPG game. There is no combat in this game.

▼Is it free to play?
This game is completely free to play until the end.
There are no limitations or restrictions in terms in place.
※There are certain purchasable post-story content available.

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  • File Size: 110.24MB
  • Current Version: 1.4.6
  • Update Time: May 19, 2020
  • Developer: 扑家工作室
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  • Soul Knight Bot
    24 mins played






  • JUN

    탭탭 어워드 최고의 게임 노미네이트 작품입니다.

    부담스럽지 않은 그래픽과 눈물없이는 볼수없는 감동적인 스토리, 스토리 게임을 좋아하시거나 게임 스토리에 몰두해서 보시는 플레이어 분들께는 정말로! 강추를 드리고 싶습니다.

    아쉽게도 한국어 지원이 되지는 않기 때문에, 영문으로 먼저 간단하게 게임 플레이를 해보시는게 좋을것 같습니다. 인디 게임이지만 전혀 인디 게임 같지않은 짜임새와 스토리는 감히 최고의 스토리 게임이 아닐까 생각합니다. (인디 게임을 욕한건 아닙니다!)

  • Milu




  • Alto clef博士





  • Royalflare

    This game is impressive to me and amazing. It is not just about inside feeling of love or family like most thinking, it also disclose how tough these little boy and girl are suffering.

    I won't make detailed spoiler here, but these two are all suffer disease, and experiment. What happen to them, who made this experiment and why they suffering (especially the girl, Aoi. She's so poor) There is a big suspense behind, is absolutely worth you seek out.

    Anyway, this game's story is terrific, this game does not need a beautiful art style, the pixel style is great on showing.

    PS: The background setting of boy and girl with disease reminds me a Visual Novel game: Narcissu, although they are in different stories and endings, the spirit of their heart connect together deeply impress me.

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