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Pokémon Rumble Rush


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Pokémon Rumble Rush is online in Australia now

Pokémon Rumble Rush Discord Channel:  https://discord.gg/5WVhFRZ

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  • English
  • Japanese
  • Network Required
  • No VPN Required
  • Android 4.4 and above


A world full of uncharted islands! Aided by strong Pokémon and a spirit of discovery, journey through uncharted islands that have many Pokémon!
• Enjoy fast-paced gameplay on the go
It's easy to control your Pokémon with one hand. Clear stages by controlling your Pokémon as it moves forward. If you see enemy Pokémon, you can attack by just tapping the screen. Tap to engage in exciting gameplay action!

• The islands and seas explored during your adventures change every two weeks
You may find unfamiliar and stronger Pokémon on new islands. So, journey through various islands and seas and collect more and more Pokémon!

• Upgrade Pokémon of your choice
You'll sometimes receive ore when you clear a stage. Refine ore to get power gears that you can use to make your Pokémon stronger. You may even be able to refine ore into a summon gear that calls forth a Pokémon to use a powerful move. Use power gears and summon gears to help your favorite Pokémon do well!

• Test your strength using the Pokémon you've collected
Occasionally, you can earn rewards by working your way through the Super Boss Rush. You'll need many different types of strong Pokémon to win each Super Boss Rush. Harness the power of the Pokémon you've collected from various islands and seas to defeat the powerful Super Bosses.

• Devices compatible with Pokémon Rumble Rush
Pokémon Rumble Rush is compatible with the following environments:
Android 4.4 or higher, Snapdragon 410 or higher
Please be aware though that Pokémon Rumble Rush may not function on some devices.

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Fixed minor bugs.

Detailed info

  • File Size: 51.31MB
  • Current Version: 1.6.0
  • Update Time: Jun 10, 2020
  • Developer: The Pokemon Company
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  • JOE
    played 9 hrs 15 mins






  • Royalflare
    played 1 hrs 29 mins

    I cannot remember which number of this game is on mobile by "The Pokémon Company". However, this game plans to be released in 2017 and it had test already! So almost about two years later, whats going on with this Rumble Pokemon now?

    I checked information between the original 2017 one and this new Rumble Rush, which not much difference and it reminds me a game on 3DS before called "Pokémon Rumble World". They pretty similar, all you do is control your pokemon and attack other wild pokemons and try capture them. The CP is the power of your pokemon, the higher CP means higher ATK, HP and DEF.

    In Rumble Rush, you can have a pokemon with summon slot which can summon another pokemon to assist you with its strong skill; power gear slot allows to increase pokemon stats by different gears, which obtained through stages.

    It's absolutely a light game but, with a lot fun and relax that you can easily addict with it. Whether you are fan of Pokemon or not, no doubt everyone wants stronger and cooler pokemons, keep fighting on

    The game currently supports English but no language selection on settings, don't know if it follows system languages. And hope it has PVP system in the future.

  • JUN

    아기자기하지만 정말 재미있는 클리커 게임입니다.

    튜토리얼 부분은 약간 지루하지만, 시간이 지날수록 게임의 중독성을 제대로 느끼실수 있습니다.

    현재는 호주지역에서 소프트 런칭 중인 게임이기 때문에, 접속에 약간의 에러가 나기는 하는데 게임 플레이에 지장을 줄 정도는 아닙니다.

    게임은 시간가는 줄 모를정도로 재미있습니다! 덕후분들 꼭 한번 플레이 해보세요~

  • JasonL

    진정하게 포켓몬을 좋아한다면 해봐야 할게임

    일정한 기간마다 바뀌는 월드에 자신이 원하는 포켓몬을 월드에서 잡은후 그 포켓몬을 사용하여 보스를 깨나가는 식으로 더 좋은 포켓몬을 얻는방식으로 진행되는 게임

    닌텐도의 포켓몬처럼 상성시스템이 잘 적용되어 있어 보스를 잡을때 상성을 잘이용하면 쉽게 잡을수있어 게임 자체의 어려움은 없는편. 다만 게임내 보스를 깨는데 필요한 조건이 있는데 후반부로 갈수록 조건이 까다로워져 맞추기힘들다는 점이 있지만 이것도 게임을 진행하다보면 자연스럽게 깰수있기때문에 큰단점으로 보지는 않음

    닌텐도가 없어 포켓몬스터를 못즐기는 유저는 했을때 괜찮을듯한 게임

  • Minming

    포켓몬 팬으로써 생각지도 못한 포켓몬의 모습이 나타나서 다소 당황했지만 이것도 나름대로 계속 보다보니 귀엽습니다 ㅋㅋㅋ 다소 단조로울줄 알았는데 손에 익으니까 플레이할수록 중독성있네요. 포켓몬 좋아하시는 분들께 추천! 아기자기한 포켓몬들이 무척 귀엽습니다!

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