Blade & Soul: Revolution
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  • Rivotril

    Make an english version please, not the voices, just the UI and texts, please.

  • 手机用户1111126

    total game data size?

  • Shufle dance

    best game i ever play

  • Liangzx
    36.05 hrs on record


    after played around 2 weeks i decided to write in detail


    pros :

    -good graphics using UE

    -has BnS PC feel

    -good event for newbies, you can get midrange equipment by clearing them and you will use the eq for long time

    -friendly grinding system (can switch the screen to save battery, auto stop grind when you have no pots left or bag full)

    -auto combat which is ok for me since the skill combos too long to play manually when grinding or questing

    -just auto combat cant make you win, this is what i really like, on specific dungeon you cant just auto combat to clear it, you need to dodge properly and use knockback skill properly to win

    -realtime and fully manual pvp


    cons :

    -no english language, even with google translate still confusing

    -solo till the end? i played till lv 90 without party with anyone, and thats kinda boring

    -almost no interactions needed with other players, even theres factions wars, you just go there and clear the objectives if possible, no talk needed

    -i've joined a guild for a week, theres no guild activity at all, all i did just collect the guild rewards


    conclusion : its almost like playing an idle game, uninstalled

  • K mem Trey

    Game hay mồ! Mà sao m tải nó hiện "ứng dụng chưa được cài đặt" miết. K biết làm gì, mong mn giúp đỡ

    • Dao Huy

      có thể là ko đủ dung lượng với máy ko hợp với game

    • Shadow Game

      fake ip bạn ơi

  • Trần Thanh Vi

    Hi vọng game ra bản QT hay VN càng tốt chứ k hiểu tiếng

  • アッマール
    20.02 hrs on record

    Am confused now. there is this version which is Korean. am currently playing this which is named revolution.. but there is another one named blade and soul M. what's the M for? is it the same as this one but English version which will be launch soon?

    also there is blade and soul 2 And blade and soul S.

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  • User327920

    I don't understand Korean, it's hard to me to play.

  • Jared Evan Wybe

    I give five star this game it's nice perfect

  • Lê Lộc

    dell tải đc


    💐asl .. special... that game beautiful just wlhay amazing .kk🐾😱

  • Christian7482

    i can't loggin, its keep pop up something about *i dont know* but i dont understand kr =)))

  • 手机用户1046554
    5.02 hrs on record

    very nice good game

  • Hanzo

    all my favorite PC games are on mobile life is great 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


    awesome game but really want english language support..please

    • JUN

      the game only released in korea.

      please looking forward it update english language !

  • 手机用户215369

    arent in English version can convert my account??

    • Royalflare

      global version not yet, and when global version released, korean version will have a big gap to global version probably you cannot transfer your account.

  • Đại Hòa Hồn


  • ตู่คุง


  • Dũng Quốc

    chơi đc quest đơn, quest phức thì load không nổi. có người nữa giật tung đít :))) thấy mấy người cũg đứg đơ như mình. này chắc chip tầm trung k chạy đc. 730 trở lên thì may ra load đc, tiếng hàn nên k biết setting như nào. đồ hoạ đẹp, âm thanh hệt trên pc

  • komkung

    อยากให้มีภาษาไทยด้วยนะ อยากอ่านเนื้อเรื่อง

    เพราะมีบางส่วนไม่เหมือนใน PC

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