Knives Out - No rules, just fight!

Knives Out - No rules, just fight! JP

Knives Out-荒野行動

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論壇上有許多網友對於《Knives Out-荒野行動》與《Survivor Royale》有些許誤會,特此說明。

《Survivor Royale》也同樣是為網易發表的遊戲,但發布地區為北美。儘管遊戲裡存在些許不同,比如:遊戲模式、角色髮型自訂等,但整體風格還是與《Knives Out-荒野行動》並無二致,所以容易讓玩家混淆。

總而言之,兩款遊戲為不同的作品,只是因為相似點過多,所以有玩家會以北美版的《Knives Out-荒野行動》來稱呼《Survivor Royale》。

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【Five players in a group, A hundred players in a battle! 】
Five players in a group, a hundred players in a battle! Working with teammates to live to the end!

【Gun in hand, Teammates behind!】
Trust your teammates and win together with guns in hand! I am not afraid of challenges because of my trustworthy teammates!

【Can you survive to the next second? 】
Footsteps are closing, gunshots are ringing in your ears and cr*** are everywhere! Can you survive to the next second?

【Violent confrontation, Fierce battle!】
Collide fiercely with enemies’ vehicles! Survival is only in one moment!

【Creative and Fresh leisure gameplay!】
Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight... A lot of creative leisure games are constantly updated, and you can find the most suitable one!

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1. Season 6 Comes!
'Master' comes, as the new tire between 'Diamond' and 'Challenger'.
2. Mentoring System Goes Live!
Player above PlatinumI can be a mentor of lower-tire. Player under Challenger can find a mentor of higher-tire.
3. 50v50 Debut
Players will randomly be placed on one of two sides. Kill all the players from the opposing side or have more surviving members when the time is up to win.
4. Gaming Experience Fully Updated

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