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〓All platforms have released〓

[Opening Instructions]
1. Due to the adjustment of account system, the original email account will no longer be used for in-game login accounts. Please bind email accounts with mobile number from the official website as soon as possible.
2. the official website booking activity rewards apply to TapTap.
3. The amount of recharged by the player in the previous CBT will be returned after servers launched in accordance with the ‘CBT Recharge Return Rule’.
4, ‘CBT Recharge Return Rule’ please refer to:

The rebate mail can be collected through any version of the game in official server, but the 'pure source stone (至纯源石)' can only be used on the system platform which players play with. (Android and iOS are separated)
The rebate email is valid for 90 days after the first login in the game after the server launch. Please collect it as soon as possible after login.
The rebate amount is not included in the recharge of the corresponding activities after release;

For more contents and latest news, please follow the official website, official Weibo and WeChat public number.

Event Booking:
Official Weibo: 明日方舟Arknights
Official WeChat Public Number: HG-AKS
Customer Service QQ Public Number: 800830064

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April 18, 2019

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The natural disasters caused by unknown causes and raging everywhere, a large number of mysterious minerals appeared on the swept land - known as the "source stone." Although the discovery of the source stone has a long history, relying on the advancement of technology, its energy makes the civilization enter the modern era faster. However, at the same time, the source stone itself has spawned the existence of "infected person".

They absorb strength and misfortune, and now part of them, attempt to integrate with the source stone to bring a new order to the world. This war conspiracy is a new obstacle to our confrontation with natural disasters.

As a member of Rhode Island, you will join the Rhode Island public leader Amia, hiring people into high-risk areas after the impact of natural disasters, helping the victims, dealing with ore disputes, and fighting the integration campaign.

"Rhode Island" brainstorm, are you ready?

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  • File Size : 1.70GB
  • Current Version : 0.9.01
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 鹰角网络
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Latest Version :6.2 Android:7.9
  • Ardijoe Wiranat

    i want to know about this game. is there english language in this game?

  • mazyloron

    Awesome game

  • Magn




    • 森林的王者




    • Magn


    • 森林的王者


    • Magn


    • 森林的王者

      我就等3/12的 show by Rock新音遊了,開了一堆音樂遊戲坑


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  • Royalflare
    14.10 hrs on record

    After closed tests and announcements, Arknights finally comes into the world with luxurious voice actors, splendid character illustrations, magnificent background music, and more...

    In fact, last Tower Defense games I played with japanese anime style were Sennen Sensou Aigis (千年戦争アイギス) and 御城プロジェクト:RE〜CASTLE DEFENSE〜, they are both DMM games

    Back to Arknights, it tells a story which natural disaster befall, survivals gather as a team named Rhode Island, you act as commander to order agents (干员) and fight for the future.

    Similar to most TD game, Arknights's agents have different costs, skills (active & passive) and types (include tank, support, healer, ranged physics & magic, melee, and more) To choose which agents in the team to clear different stages is essential.

    (Here I sugguest Arknights Guide:

    6 stars has 2% on gacha which is average. However, in Arknights, some 3 stars and 4 stars agents are useful and powerful, this is absolutely a pro.

    But doesn't mean it is easy. Use limited stamina to get limited resource, you will need to identify which agents should train, otherwise you probably lose momentum to continue.

    I am not going to share more experience, there are posts in Community under this forum, I will keep share game experience.

    I believe global version will come out soon as Arknights is focused and played by massive players now. I hope it will brings events and collaborations to players in the future.

  • 半梦
    358.42 hrs on record

    去年七月份入坑 抱歉太咸鱼了才80级 六个六星算不算少啊 看着和我同级的都有100多个干员我才不到90个真的好难受 不过剧情和游戏性还是不错的 五星好评

    • 風一樣的胖丁


  • General


    Hi~大家好,我是胖丁,今天來跟大家分享一個動態~ 首先從最新情報得知:「洪爐示歲」 辭舊迎新,限時活動將在2.8日登陸。 以下是活動說明及介紹: 一、「洪爐示歲」 辭舊迎新,“物資籌備”“芯片搜索”限時全天開放 活動時間:2月8日04:00 - 2月22日03:59 活動說明:活動時間內“物資籌備”以及“芯片搜索”內所有關卡將進行限時全天開放 二、「洪爐示歲」 辭舊迎新,元宵活動限時開啟 活動時

  • Official General


    一、「危機合約」限時活動即將開啟 活動時間:11月19日 16:00 - 12月03日 03:59 解鎖條件:通關主線1-10 活動說明:活動開啟期間,玩家可搭配不同的「合約」通過「危機合約」關卡作戰完成相關活動任務,收集「合約賞金」及「行動協議」 ◆「行動協議」可用於解鎖“活動期間常駐活動關卡”中未解鎖的「合約」 ◆「合約賞金」可用於活動商店“機密聖所”兌換物品 “機密聖所”開放時間:11月19

  • Official Choice General

    [Arknights Guide] Translation, Gacha Loop, Walkthroughs Are All Here! (Updated)

    Celebrate Arknights Grand Release! Here is the portal to my posts, which may help to better experience this game. (illust: QTian)  Recommend Posts [Translation] [Arknights] Simple Translation of Home

  • Official Choice Walkthrough


    目前論壇裡的心得、入門貼文整理在此,有興趣的玩家不妨參考看看。 【iOS手機下載】 ・iPhone 如何切換到大陸 AppStore 商店 【新手必備】 ・新手上路,初階角色推薦一覽 ・老手玩家經驗談,讓你不走冤枉路 ・角色精英化概說 【幹員相關】 ・幹員養成手冊(一):招募不止抽卡一種方式 ・幹員養成手冊(二):看懂幹員圖標! 8大職業定位功能報你知 ・幹員養成手冊(三):技能、特性和天賦,有什

  • Official General


    【常駐標準尋訪預告】 起止時間:4月02日04:00~4月16日03:59尋訪說明:常駐標準尋訪更新,該尋訪中以下乾員獲得概率提升; ★★★★★★ :莫斯提馬/ 伊芙利特(佔6★出率的50%) ★★★★★:幽靈鯊/ 食鐵獸/ 槐琥(佔5★出率的50%) 更多後續活動內容及最新消息請關注《明日方舟》遊戲內公告、官網及雙微,感謝大家的支持。





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