Crime Revolt - Online Shooter
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Crime Revolt - Online Shooter

Crime Revolt - Online FPS (PvP Shooter)

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  • No VPN Required
  • Android 4.1 and above


Do you like to participate in the epic battle with brave teammates, fight with opponents and make cool new friends all around the world? Download app with exciting multiplayer and become an assassin in the great world war!

The main idea of Crime Revolt game online
This shooter was created special for people, who like shooting games just for free. It is a great opportunity to feel like a real soldier with guns and other arms or like a sniper, who tries to prevent a great boom.

Also this multiplayer shooter has one important feature – every combat, in which you are in, is from first person. What is more, you can play versus gamers worldwide in the 3D FPS games.

There are a lot of different modern arms, using them you can fight with bad guys in different ways. Direct your fury in the right way. Equipment includes different items like hats, masks, armor and sets.

Collect coins and experience, use them to upgrade your stuff in modern way and use it in the battle to win. Deal with new challenges every day and get the rewards. Extra opportunities: great guns and cool clothing. Try to become a soldier number one!

Here you have a lot of different maps. We created maps of all sizes for different first person roles in the game: sniper, spy or participant of tank battle.

Our free online game offers a lot of different modes for gamers such as Team Deathmatch, Battle with Zombies, Capture Points and Sniper Arena. Send to glory dozens of zombies in infection mode. Just run and stop zombie cr***!

Portable worldwide connection
In our new shooter gamers all around the world make new friends. It is a global network of people who like an action game strategy and saving the world from bad guys.

The main features are:
Well-timed updates
Advantageous offers
First-person action
Excellent 3d-graphic
Connection with like-minded people all around the world
Chance to show and upgrade the force and critical thinking

Crime Revolt is portable application. You always have it in your pocket. Download fun FPS now!

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Overall optimization
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Detailed info

  • File Size: 247.96MB
  • Current Version: 2.18
  • Update Time: Jun 29, 2020
  • Developer: Edkon Games GmbH
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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.6
  • Thần Dương
    played 6 hrs 13 mins

    game hay nhưng mà sao tìm trận lâu quá 😅😅 bốn năm trận toàn đi dạo map một mình, hết tg thì đc thông báo thua 😆😆

  • 77334816@Taper
    4 mins played


  • sói gamer
    8 mins played

    game việt nam hay nhất verrygood

  • Honest Reviews

    Quick Review

    Graphics: 2/10 to be honest the graphics couldnt be much more worst


    Gameplay: 4/10 clunky movements, controls that always feel a bit off, only upside extreme auto focus


    Sound:5/10 music or gunshot sounds arent bad or good just medium


    Creativity 0/10 all is ripped of from somewhere, skins from csgo, maps from cs source and so on


    Conclusion : a pay to win buy lootchests to get better weapons infested game that uses every chance to promote their premium subscription, after every time u leave a match its plays a ad, everything is ripped of from somewhere, no love or effort is gone into it its just a cash cow and you notice it, dont play or support this 0/10


    Edit: i forgot to mention no emulator and cheater detection, i really question the honesty of some moderators who recommend this

  • dé ja vú ?

    ở nước việt nam này chỉ có 2 hãng là làm đc game bắn súng hay thôi đó là VNG và GARENA


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