Ice Skating Ballerina Dance Makeup Salon
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Ice Skating Ballerina Dance Makeup Salon

冰 溜冰 芭蕾舞女演员 舞蹈 化妆 沙龙

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The Olympics are near and you are going to compete in the ice skating championship of the olympics so you have to prepare your ice skating super dancer gymnastic dance off skills. You are of the most fit girls to become ice skating ice princess star skater in exciting skating games.

Download this super dancer ice skating gymnastics skating games to join the fit girls club and prepare for the Olympics dance off cheerleading championship. For that you need to prepare a lot, which means new dressing, new salon make up and spa and learning new dance off gymnast skating tricks.

Fit girls can download this game to become the best ballerina and learn new gymnastic tricks, this fun skating game gymnastics like dance games is best for all kids as free games for kids. By playing this skating game and fun free game for kids, kids can learn something new from ice skating cheerleading gymnast star skater.

It is fun dancing games to play as fit girls with friends and ice skating is very fun in the winters. But for that a lot of preparation is needed. Only then can the ice skating super dancer ballerina can become a star skater!!

Being the star skater ice skating gymnast cheerleading super dancer you have to represent your ice skating team on the Olympics ice skating gymnastics cheerleading competition and prove you’re the best star skater in the world by performing amazing skating tricks. Choreograph your ice skating tricks and amaze the world!

Before going on ice skating star skater stage prep yourself by changing your wardrobe and choosing new dressing and then go to salon and spa for health care and finally get a makeover at make up beauty salon.

Select the best ice skating cheerleading gymnast star skater and select scene then represent your star skater team on the Olympics competition. And make your ice skating team happy as the best ice skater.

***Features of ice skating game***

-- Salon and spa simulation.
-- Realistic spa and make up features.
-- Multiple fit girls characters to choose, dressing up and training to become star skater.
-- Various ice skating tricks simulation.
-- Various make up looks.
-- Various dressing shops for clothes.
-- Multiple environments and scene selection.
-- Fun sounds and realistic sound effects.
-- Motivation medals for characters and game players!

***How to Play Ice Skating Game:***

-- Select your most favourite ice skating cheerleading gymnast star skater.
-- Select from different scenes;
> salon
> spa
> make up makeover
> body care, nails makeover
> tricks display
> competition
> star skater ice skating awards
-- Perform all the tasks in the given scenes to prove yourself as the star skater
-- Display ice skating skills to prove star skater dance off best skills.
-- Collect as many coins to get medals of gold silver or bronze.

Download this fit girls salon spa ice skating dress up make up gymnastics super dance star skater dance games for the best skating experience!!!

Detailed info

  • File Size: 48.17MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Update Time: Dec Fri, 2017
  • Developer: Tik Tok

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